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About The Lion King Wiki

This wiki is a compilation of articles relating to the 1994 Original Motion Picture The Lion King by the Walt Disney Company. This includes the movies, the books, the comics, the musical, the fandom, and much more!

Currently hosting 296 articles, the Lion King Wiki is being written collaboratively by Lion King fans around the world. Almost every article can be edited by site members. (And, yes! You can help!) The Lion King Wiki has been and always will be a free source of information relating to The Lion King. (read more...)

About The Lion King

The Lion King is Disney's 32nd animated film and the most successful film of 1994. It has inspired thousands of fans to build on its story with their own creativity, as proven by the numerous fansites hosting a plethora of fan creations.

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Popular Pages

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The Lion King: Six New Adventures
This series of books is a fascinating collection of six stories.
Simba's lovely mate.
Simba and Nala's son in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.
Simba's New Brother
A popular comic featuring a young cub named Malka.


Article Spotlight

Smart-Hog!, (known as Sprytny Pumba in its original language) is a Polish comic inspired by The Lion King 1½. It is a new comic to come to the fandom and it features Timon and Pumbaa during their life in the jungle. They are walking through the jungle when Timon accidentally steps on a hyena's tail. The three hyenas corner Timon. Pumbaa is forced to do some quick thinking, but realizes that he isn't strong enough to save Timon. So, he decides to outsmart them. Pumbaa lures the hyenas into a trap and saves Timon's life.

Be sure to check it out! It has both English and Polish scans. Read Smart-Hog! »

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