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This page will help get you started at The Lion King Wiki whether you're new to contributing to wikis or you're an experienced parser functions guru.

Before we begin, please make sure you read and understand the wiki's rules. Not following them may result in your edits being rolled back or you getting blocked from the wiki.

I'm ready to start

I've never edited Wikipedia

We'd really like you to at least learn a little bit about editing wikis before you begin. Otherwise you might be causing more harm than good! Please jump to this section to learn more.

I've done some stuff on Wikipedia, but I don't fully understand wiki markup

If you're interested in learning more about wiki markup, jump to this section.

Otherwise, you can help by cleaning up the articles on The Lion King Wiki. To learn more about The Lion King Wiki's cleanup project, visit The Lion King Wiki Cleanup Project page.

I have experience with wiki markup

Awesome! You can pretty much help with anything. You could:

I know more about this stuff than you

Perfect! Then you probably know what needs attention just by browsing around the wiki. We're always looking for administrators so if you get active with the wiki and start making expert contributions, you should be an administrator in no time.

I'd like to learn more

I've never edited Wikipedia

Nothing can introduce you to editing a wiki better than this documentation page. If you want to continue reading documentation pages, view the Help documentation index page.

I've done some stuff on Wikipedia, but I don't fully understand wiki markup

Editing a wiki like Wikipedia or The Lion King Wiki isn't like editing a document in a word processor. Wikis use what is called wiki markup. Wiki markup consists of normal characters like asterisks, single quotes or equation marks which have a special function in the wiki, sometimes depending on their position. For example, to format a word in italic, you include it in two single quotes like ''this'' For a list of common formatting markup, check out this documentation page. And, if you're interested, continue reading the pages that are suggested under Other formatting on that documentation page.

I have experience with wiki markup

Great! If you want to learn more, you can always visit the Advanced Editing section in the Help documentation index page and dig into those pages. There's really advanced stuff in there if you keep digging.