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A list of rules that must be followed on this Wiki, failure to comply with the rules will result in a ban, and further failure to comply with the rules will result in a permanent ban. Often you will be warned, and failure to follow the warning will result in a ban. Keep in mind that these are additional rules to be followed, specific to this wiki. MLK Universal Rules apply here.

Fan art, fan fiction, fan characters and fanon

  • The general rule about fanon material (material made up by fans of The Lion King) is that the material has to be well known around the community to be allowed on the wiki.
  • If you're new to the wiki: Don't do it. You'll get to know what material is appropriate for the wiki in time.
  • Don't add your own stuff on the wiki. For exceptions, contact an administrator.

Editing Pages

  • When editing a page, made sure your spelling and grammar is correct. Many modern browsers have a spell check feature built-in that underlines your misspelled words in red. If not, try searching for a plugin or extension for your browser.
  • Do not create pages irrelevant to the Wiki. For example, pages on fanon (as mentioned), pages on non-Lion King characters, pages on random subjects (for example a page explaining what a hair-brush is), ect...
  • When creating a new page, do not leave it blank, give it at least a little information. A blank page will most likely be deleted.
  • Do not add random gibberish/spam onto pages, or delete everything on a page.
  • If you are unsure of whether a piece of information is correct or not (a piece you want to add), post a message on the talk page of the subject the information is related to.
  • Do not add your own opinion on a character or subject onto an article. Adding things such as "Zira was stupid" or "Kiara is the best character" will be removed.

User Pages

  • You are free to put your views on certain subjects onto your userpage.

Talk Pages

  • Do not post irrelevant topics onto a talk page. An article's talk page is only for discussing that article and how to maintain that article.
  • Always sign your comments with a ~~~~.
  • Do not remove anything from someone else's talk page. It is okay to correct your own spelling mistakes. If a talk page gets to large, it will be archived by the moderation team. Do not change what another user has written (even to correct a spelling mistake).
  • Do not argue with other users on articles' talk pages or user talk pages.