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Return of the Devil Kiara

by Moka » October 12th, 2015, 4:52 pm

I know this theme is getting quite dated... but it's good to bring it out at least once a year to get ready for Halloween and make things a bit more... spooky.

Those who don't want the theme can switch back to Kisasa or Classic in their User Control Panel.


Back In Green

by KingKivuli » September 30th, 2015, 9:33 pm

What's up Ladies and Gents, Just a quick announcement here. As some of you are aware Shadowfax has had a baby and as such stepped down from her moderator position. Basically she was on Moderator Maternity Leave. I have been speaking with her over the last several days and she now has the time to return to her position.

So ladies and gents, for the first time in MLK history, please welcome back to the Moderation team SHADOWFAX!! Good to have you back, you were missed :)


The Adofo Situation

by KingKivuli » August 11th, 2015, 7:58 am

As many of you are aware not too long ago the member Adofo was banned from MLK. Usually in these situations we would not talk about the reasons behind such things, however given his activity on the forum, peoples questions we have decided to clear a few things up

First of all he was harassing Julie on the main forum, FFAA , and in PM claiming she is a bully and aggressive. Further more saying her Art is targeting him and made to upset him. This is not the case, I have reviewed all communications between both parties and there is no evidence of harassment from Julies part. As soon as he got caught out, this is where the main issues started. He started claiming he was either hacked, or it was his cousin who has done all this, never getting his story straight and full of contradictions

Further more he begin PM harassing all staff members begging it wasn't his fault. I specifically told him that passwords of accounts are member responsibility, end all the PM's and prove he is correct by being a good active member... this did not happen. He kept up his lies and kept PMing... and then a threat was made to the sight. He said his parents blame MLK for his depression and would try to have the site removed for good. One final thing there is evidence he is back seat modding, trying to resolve issues, that aint issues, without telling a mod, as his goal was to get his name green

Given the fact he did not heed my warnings to stop the lies and PM's, the outstanding threat, be it true or not, and the backseat modding. These are the reasons the moderation team banned him and I have had reports that offsite he is bad mouthing myself and the site.

I just want to put this in the clear for everyone. If you are hacked, change your password, any hacked account will be obvious but it is down to you look after it. The issue here was his attitude and lack of respect which was causing harm to MLK.

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