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A splash of Green

by KingKivuli » July 23rd, 2015, 12:09 am

So the more observant members of you will have noticed that in the last several minutes someone on this forum has changed colours to a lovely moderator green! With Arani and Kay out of action and Buffy kidnapped to the UK we definitely needed someone to set in. Myself Julie and Moka (yes he is alive) bashed our heads together to find someone and yet again one member shone above the rest to undertake the role.

Ladies and Gents Lions and Lionesses please put your paws together for our newest mod: Ninaroja!!

Welcome to the team I hope you will have a good run with us, and for you member I hope you can treat Nina with the respect you have shown the rest of the moderation staff over the years


An (Now Out Of Date) Announcement

by Above-And-Beyond » March 24th, 2015, 11:05 am

Herro :3
Hey you reading this, you like doing awesome things, right? Good, continue reading.
You may have noticed a thread below this one from Julie about finally moving out if the can raise an amount of money for the loan ( I shortened that, go read the thread for more info).
So you also notice I replied to it, well I was thinking of what to request and I think I have an idea...

Now, real quick remember this part of the post:

I can draw TLK style (no official characters, I could get into legal trouble for that), I can draw canines, I can draw ponies (again, not official characters). I can maybe try other animals, but my human drawing skills are somewhat lacking.

With that in mind: reply here with your character references (preferably with a link to a drawing so Julie has an idea of what they look like).
And here's the interesting part: you don't have to pay anything yourself, I will pay whatever the cost of 1 character is X however many people reply to this with their reference. So, the more people who join in on this, the more money she will get towards moving out :)

So go ahead and do those things. You have just over a week or so, don't want to leave it to long so that A) she has plenty of time to work on it and B) they can move out sooner XD
So yep, do that and you are a legend. I will wait here... Yes, right here. Ohhh Oblivion Adoring Fan reference in my post!


Hail the new Queen

by KingKivuli » January 24th, 2015, 12:30 am

Hello ladies and gentlemen, hope your New years is going well

So after a talk with the mod team we have decide that since all of us have got quite busy lives, we needed some extra help around the place and bring in a new moderator to fill the gap that Regulus left. The talk, I admit, wasnt so long and we all agreed there was one choice

Ladies and gentle, please welcome the newest member of the moderation team:

Julie Skywalker!

She has been a long standing member, highly active, and I know well liked and respected across the board. Well come to the team Julie I do hope you enjoy it :)

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