About My Lion King

My Lion King was started in November of 2006. It started as a small website hosted by freewebs.com and it consisted of a homepage, a guestbook, a few pictures and some information about The Lion King films. By the next month, I had already moved the site to a new web host. By then I had a few visitors that chatted with me in the guestbook.

In 2007 I did some more host switching, trying to find a good free host. Realizing that good free web hosting was just a dream, I invested some money into it and got paid hosting. This was quite possibly the best choice I ever made, because it appeared on Google, bringing in more visitors. Happy with the newcomers, I worked very hard to make the website as best as possible by adding a variety of multimedia.

In 2008 I installed forums and The Lion King Theatre. I fixed a lot of old material and did lots of work on the site. I made it so people that were members of the forums were members all around the site, including the new area that I have begun working on: the My Lion King Fan Art Albums (MLKFAA) section, which is for the artists to upload their artwork into their own album.

Throughout 2009 I continued to work on the FAA while activity in the forum continued to grow quite rapidly to my pleasant surprise. It became one of the most active English forums dedicated to The Lion King. Similarly, the FAA grew very quickly as well. Many top-notch artists from The Lion King Fan Art Albums joined and started uploading their beautiful art.

In 2010 I began work on The Lion King Wiki, moving most of the site's information onto the wiki and adding as many articles as I could. With some help from members, the wiki grew into what it is today.

Since then, the forum has been My Lion King's greatest success, surpassing 4,000 members and 1,000,000 posts in 2014.