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Welcome newcomers! This page is for absolute beginners. If you are experienced and looking for stuff to do, check out our community portal.

I'm completely new

What is a wiki?

A wiki is an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

What is The Lion King Wiki?

The Lion King Wiki is a compilation of articles relating to the 1994 Original Motion Picture The Lion King by the Walt Disney Company. It is being written collaboratively by Lion King fans around the world and is operated by people like you.

Where can I learn how to use this wiki?

If you're having troubles navigating through the wiki, there are tutorials for how to use this wiki in the Help documentation. Read the pages listed under "Reading."

I'm interested in contributing

Can I help?

Yes! The entire philosophy of wikis is that everyone shall be able to participate and contribute. You can participate without even having to register! But, for more community involvement and to track your contributions, you'll have to create an account by registering on My Lion King.

Okay, I'm ready. How can I help?

Head on over to this page. It will lay out a few ways that you can contribute to The Lion King Wiki.