Simba's New Brother

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Simba's New Brother
The first page of Simba's New Brother.
The first page of Simba's New Brother.
Author Gail Renard, Per Hedman
Illustrators Fernando Güell
Pages 5
Published March 2004
Inducks code D 2003-192
Origin Denmark

Simba's New Brother is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Malka, a young lion, appears at Pride Rock after getting lost. He meets Simba and Nala first, and disgusts Simba as Malka compliments Nala, saying she's good at fighting, and has a beautiful name. Suddenly, Malka sees two hyenas stealing food, and manages to alert the lionesses to the problem. Mufasa compliments Malka's bravery, but Simba is irritated at what he perceives as Malka showing off. Mufasa and Sarabi agree that Malka can stay with the pride until Malka's pride is found, even if it means that Malka stays forever. Simba is annoyed.

Simba, wanting to get rid of Malka, takes the cub out into a small rocky crevice and leaves him there. As Simba leaves, he hears Malka crying and rushes back to him, only to find that Malka is just scared of being alone and isn't really as brave and clever as the other lions think he is. Simba realizes that Malka isn't so bad. The two cubs start walking back to Pride Rock but are confronted by the hyenas that were stealing food earlier. The hyenas give chase, but Simba and Malka dive under a tree root and evade the hyenas.

When they arrive back to Pride Rock, Zazu has found Malka's mother, who takes Malka home. Simba says that Malka can come back and visit any time, with Malka remarking that Zazu should come and pick him up next time.


The following images are the five pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.