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My Lion King
Homepage of My Lion King
Founded November 2006
Founder Moka
Key people Moka (founder/webmaster)
KingKivuli (senior moderator)
KopsTheTerminator (moderator)
WildSimba (moderator)
Simbadacub (moderator)
TheIvanMuse (moderator)
Pages 205,000

My Lion King is a comprehensive Lion King fansite founded in 2006 by Moka.


Early days

My Lion King started out as a very small website hosted by It consisted of a homepage, a guestbook, a few pictures and some information about The Lion King films. The website switched hosts several times through the next few months until Moka made the decision to rent a server.

From flat to forums

In 2007, the website was bursting at the seams with a variety of Lion King multimedia such as movie screengrabs, clipart, scans, song lyrics, information, videos and comics.

In 2008, forums were added to the website. Many of the visitors that had previously visited the site for its content, decided to join the forum and participate in Lion King discussions. Work began on integrating the forum's back-end into the site, so members could stay logged in across the site. Work also began on a Fan Art Archive that was inspired by TLKFAA.

A comprehensive fansite

Nowadays, My Lion King is a comprehensive directory of Lion King related information, because it had nearly everything a fan could want in one website. The forum grew to be one of most active English forums dedicated to The Lion King. The MLKFAA was released to members in 2009 and it was blessed by numerous artists from TLKFAA such as Annie, Kari, Firestar, RikoDuroska and more. The Lion King Theater was also added in 2009 and it featured scenes and production videos from the three Lion King movies.

Improvements ensued in 2010 including a new forum skin and a new main site redesign. Shortly afterward, the MLKFAA became very active, with over 2000 uploads in its first year. The Lion King Wiki was also founded in 2010. Because of the extensibility of having a wiki, many pages in the main site were removed and made into articles on the wiki.

In 2011, work began on a new MLKFAA built from the ground up. The new MLKFAA should be faster and easier to use. It will also feature a modern interface to inspire more interaction with the site.

Site Components

Main site

The main site of My Lion King contains mostly static content. Key sections of the main site include:

  • A Lion King Gallery for movie screengrabs, clipart, concept artwork, posters, scans, and storyboards.
  • A list of main characters from the movies.
  • A list of soundtrack albums and music albums inspired by the movies.
  • Information about all three movies.


The forum is the most active component of My Lion King. It has a great community with over 2,000 members and 400,000 posts. Key sections of the forum include:

  • The Kingdom, a category with forums for discussions relating to The Lion King.
  • The Fandom, a category with forums for role playing games, fan fictions, fan art, and other fan-created media.


The Lion King Wiki is a member-maintained free encyclopedia for everything relating to the Lion King.


The MLKFAA has been an in-house fan art gallery for members of My Lion King for several years. Members are able to create their own albums, upload art, submit characters and journals, "fave" their favorite artists and artwork, and comment on almost anything. Plans for the redesign of MLKFAA include even more features.


The Lion King Theatre is a collection of videos relating to The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½, and The Lion King on Broadway. It contains scenes, animation clips, production clips, and music videos.


The chatroom is actually part of the forum, but it is a real-time chatroom that allows you to chat with members of My Lion King. There is a waiting period of several weeks before new users can gain access to this feature of the site.