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The Pridelanders sleeping in the den of Pride Rock.
Name Pridelanders
Appearances The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, The Lion Guard
Home The Pride Lands
Leader Simba
Notable Members
Mohatu, Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa, Scar, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kopa, Kiara, Kion

The Pridelanders are a pride of lions that inhabit the Pride Lands. Their leader, the Lion King, rules the kingdom of the Pride Lands from Pride Rock. The Pridelanders are the pride of focus in all three movies as well as many spin-off books and comics. Their current leader, or Lion King, is Simba, although there have been many Lion Kings before him.

Types of Pridelanders

Throughout the Lion King film series, the lionesses appear to look the same, but some resemble the more prominent lionesses in the pride.

Sarabi-esque Lionesses

The Pridelander Pride is comprised of many different types of Pridelanders.
Sarabi-esque Lionesses

One of these types mimics Sarabi closely in appearance. In the original film, they aren't seen during the first act, when Simba and Nala are still cubs, however they completely dominate the Sarafina-esque lionesses towards the end of the film. They also make a brief appearance in the second film, when Kiara and Simba had a discussion right after Kovu's exile. These lionesses vary more in colouration, some darker than Sarabi and some lighter, and some seem to be a combination of the Sarafina-esque lionesses, as they occasionally appear with uncoloured toes.

Sarafina-esque Lionesses

These types of Pridelander are lighter, sleeker and leaner than the heavier ones encountered towards the end of the movie.
Sarafina-esque Lionesses

They resemble Nala or Nala's mother, Sarafina, with little to no differences. Among, the books, comics, and the movies, as well, these kind of lionesses are seen. Towards the end of the first movie however, they seem to have disappeared, and been replaced with the heavier Sarabi-esque lionesses. In Simba's Pride, they mainly drawn to resemble Kiara during the war, and take on Nala's characteristics again, though some Kiara-esque lionesses are still present.

Kiara-esque Lionesses

The lionesses of Simba's pride are mainly absent during the movie, but when they do appear they usually resemble the young adult Kiara.
Kiara-esque Lionesses

The Kiara-esque lionesses are first seen before "Not One of Us" blocking Kiara from Kovu as the princess tries to get to the Outsider and somehow prevent him from being exiled. They are later seen shocked and saddened when Kiara runs past them into Pride Rock after she tells Simba that he will never be Mufasa. During the war, they appear again at the very end, when Kiara and Kovu stand up against their respective parents.

Common Physical Traits

  • Red or Orange eye colour are common amongst the Pridelanders, with orange eyes being seen more so than red. Most lionesses have them, Sarabi and Simba boasting orange, while Mufasa's are deep red.
  • Stocky Builds are the main things that separate the lionesses from the Outlanders. The Pridelanders are usually heavily built.
  • Coloured Paws and Uncoloured Paws are equally common amongst the Pridelanders.
  • Various shades of Dark fur is also common amongst the Pridelanders, as is light fur.

Lesser Physical Traits

  • Freckles are a very rare trait amongst the Pridelanders. Only one Pridelander lioness out of all the movies has had freckles.
  • Ear Rims are a lesser trait of the Pridelanders. Only Sarabi and two other lionesses have been seen possessing them.
  • Permanently Extended Claws have only been shown to be possessed by Scar, thus are not a common trait.
  • Colored Paw Pads are a rare trait, just like the freckles. Only Scar's paw pads are completely coloured. Everyone else in the pride have only their toes coloured.