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Species Lion
Close Relations Either Ahadi or Uru (son or daughter), Mufasa (grandson), Scar (grandson), Simba (great-grandson), Kiara (great-great-granddaughter), Kopa and Kion (great-great-grandsons)
Appearances The Brightest Star (book and audio set)
Voice Actor(s) Avery Brooks

Mohatu was the father of either Ahadi or Uru, it is never stated, but he was the grandfather of Mufasa and Scar and is the great-grandfather of Simba, but only in the book universe. That makes him a great-great-grandfather to Kopa but not to Kiara who doesn't exist in the books. He was a great king, perhaps the wisest and the greatest Pride Rock has ever seen, and according to "The Brightest Star", he is the brightest star of the kings in the sky.

Physical Attributes

By far the largest lion ever to rule, Mohatu has a thick brown mane with an almost unnoticeable curl at the top, a large nose and chin, small sandy-brown eyes, and is has a very stock anatomy. His fur is dark, but more of a dark gold than his grandson Scar's orange. Mohatu greatly resembles his grandson Mufasa in general, being stocky and large.


Not much is known about Mohatu except what Mufasa tells Simba in the book, "The Brightest Star", however, it is known that he settled many disputes among the animals of his kingdom, both trivial and titanic. A large argument he resolved was one concerning waterhole rations during a great drought, as well as many prejudice against other animals. For a while, Mohatu was at a loss of how to save his subjects from dying of thirst, until he set out on a quest to locate another river the Prideland animals could drink from. The king wandered for some time before he discovered the Great River, which appears to be a part of the oasis Timon and the meerkats make their home, meaning that young Simba may have walked the same path as his great-grandfather while running away from the Pridelands.

Another issue the ruler dealt with was that of a selfish lion, known to some fans as Choyo, though never actually named. The lion refused to share the waterhole with any of the other animals, and if they tried to get some water from him, he would force them away. Mohatu came to him and resolved the matter, keeping the peace and allowing the other animals to use the waterhole.

The lion ruled for a very long time, perhaps the longest of any lion king, and one winter night, he died. That night was on of the only nights it ever snowed in the savanna, and on that night, as it was snowing, a new star formed in the sky. Mohatu died, but lived on in the sky as the greatest king of Pride Rock and the brightest star.