Uncle Max

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Uncle Max
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Uncle Max
Species Meerkat
Close Relations Buzz (Brother or brother-in-law), Ma (Sister or sister-in-law), Timon (nephew)
Appearances The Lion King 1½
Voice Actor(s) Jerry Stiller

Uncle Max is the uncle of Timon.

Physical Attributes

Has a grey patch of hair on his head and slightly darker fur than Timon's.


Uncle Max is the Uncle of Timon, and it is assumed that he is either the brother of Buzz or Ma. He lives in a colony of meerkats, far from The Pridelands. He assist in the saving of Simba during the battle between he and Scar. Altogether, Uncle Max tends to act pessimistically towards everything, especially the concept of getting eaten.He was nearly eaten by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.