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Meaning Savage
Species Hyena
Close Relations Friend of Banzai and Ed
Appearances The Lion King, The Lion King 1½
Voice Actor(s) Whoopi Goldberg (movies)

Tress MacNeille (Timon & Pumbaa, Kingdom Hearts II and The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure)

Tracy Nicole Chapman (The Lion King on Broadway Original Cast)

Shenzi is one of the many hyenas that once obeyed the malicious Scar. She is also a part of a trio of hyenas with Banzai and Ed that appear in two movies and countless literature.

Physical attributes

Shenzi's appearance is very square and ragged. Her forehead has bangs that protrude from her head. Much like the other hyenas, she has a black and gray coat, a tan underbelly, and a curved back that slants upwards with a tuft of fur at the tip. Her eyelids and lips are lined with black and her ears are straight and flexible.


Shenzi has a sassy personality and tends to boss around the other hyenas in her trio, Banzai and Ed. She can be very vicious if tempted, but she is often distracted by other happenings around her.

The Lion King

In The Lion King, Shenzi resides in the Elephant Graveyard along with the rest of the hyenas. When two young lion cubs Simba and Nala explore the forbidden "shadowy place" (as described by Mufasa), Shenzi, Banzai and Ed spook them by crawling out of a large elephant skull. After a threatening conversation with the cubs and the king's majordomo, Zazu, the hyenas chase the cubs until they were trapped. Luckily, Mufasa arrives just in time -- leaping into the air and fighting off the hyenas.

When Scar tells the hyenas his plan to conquer the Pride Lands, they readily agree, for food was scarce and Scar had promised all the food their stomachs could handle.

In Scar's next attempt at Simba's murder, the hyenas play the role of scaring the wildebeest herd into the gorge, creating a deadly stampede for anyone trapped in the narrow canyon.

After Scar kills Mufasa, the hyenas are ordered to chase Simba down and kill him. Fortunately for Simba, he stumbles into a thicket of thorn bushes that the hyenas are unwilling to enter.

When Scar assumes the throne, the hyenas are treated to loads of food, as promised, until the bountiful meat runs scarce and rivers run dry. Shenzi tries to convince Scar to help them, but he sends the three hyenas away when Banzai foolishly mentions Mufasa's name.

When Simba returns to fight Scar, the hyenas loyally fight for Scar until they overhear him blaming them alone for Mufasa's death. When the hyenas corner Scar for his betrayal, he tries to weasel his way out before the hyenas supposedly eat him alive[1].

The Lion King 1½

Shenzi makes a few brief appearances in The Lion King 1½. She appears in the beginning, when the trio of hyenas attempt to attack Timon. She shows up again towards the end, but only briefly, doing her part as seen in The Lion King.