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Concept art of Buzz
Species Meerkat

Buzz (also known as Fearless Buzz and Old Fearless Buzz) is a character that was cut during the production of The Lion King 1½.

Physical Attributes

Buzz's official appearance is unknown, but the early concept artwork depicts Buzz as an ordinary meerkat with a hint of physical prowess. Is said to have a monobrow[1].


Buzz was known for his bravery and fearlessness. In the deleted scenes it was shown that Buzz wanted to keep Ma and Timon safe from all dangers especially hyenas.


Buzz was set to appear in The Lion King 1½, but was later replaced by Uncle Max. A deleted scene on the DVD tells his story; he was named "the greatest meerkat there ever was" after taking on a pack of hyenas all by himself. But even though he never appeared in the movie, he is still counted as a character from the franchise.


These lyrics were cut from Digga Tunnah during the production of The Lion King 1½.

Sing the ballet of Fearless Buzz,

Greatest Meerkat there ever was.

Said no meerkat should have to hide,

Wiped his paws off and went outside.

Fought a fearsome hyena back,

Beat him 'til he was blue and black,

But forgot hyenas were in a pack.

Meerkat brave equals meerkat snack.