Five Stones

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Five Stones
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Five Stones
Name Five Stones
Home to Pridelanders
Appearances A Tale of Two Brothers, How True, Zazu?
"Rafiki found Five Stones easily. In fact, it was the only shade for miles around."
A Tale of Two Brothers

Five Stones is a shady clearing made up of egg-shaped boulders.

Physical Attributes

Five Stones is made up of five egg-shaped boulders shaped like a giant nest.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Zuzu: "You look pooped. Why don't you sit down in the shade?"
Rafiki: "I would love to, Miss, uh, Miss...."
Zuzu: "Zuzu is the name. There's shade over that hill, at Five Stones. Well, have to fly. So much to do, so little time."
—Rafiki and Zuzu

In A Tale of Two Brothers, Zuzu spots a traveling baboon, Rafiki, wandering around the Pridelands. After noticing how tired he is, she suggest he lie down in the shade. But when he tells her that he doesn't know where he could rest, she suggests he go to Five Stones. Rafiki finds Five Stones easily, and realizes that it's the only shade for miles around. But just as he settles down to rest, he's attacked by a gang of hyenas, and nearly dies, if not for Ahadi appearing at the last second. Later, Taka tells Mufasa to meet him at Five Stones to go hunting. Later, when Rafiki is trailing Taka, Zuzu tells him that Mufasa had been heading to Five Stones, last she saw him. But when Rafiki arrives at Five Stones, he can't find Mufasa or Taka anywhere, and only picks up a whiff of their scent.

How True, Zazu?

"Well, we were playing hide-the-feather in the trees near Five Stones. I went off to hide the feather, and when I came back, he was gone!"
—Pamba telling Zazu that Mayai was missing

In How True, Zazu?, when Mayai is "missing", Pamba tells Zazu that she had been playing "hide-the-feather" with her brother in the trees near Five Stones, when he had disappeared. Zazu reports back to Mufasa, and the two go to Five Stones to search for the missing ostrich. Later, when Zazu needs time to think, he passes over Five Stones.

Known Residents/Visitors