Pride Rock

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Name Pride Rock
Home to Simba's Pride
Appearances The Lion King

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
The Lion King 1½

Pumbaa: "Pride Rock."
Timon: "So majestic."
Pumbaa: "So powerful."
Timon: "So....bizarrely named. Pumbaa, how can a rock be proud? It's a rock!"
Pumbaa: "Well, I think it's because a "pride" is what they call a group of lions."
Timon: "Oh, sure, the lions get Pride Rock."
—Timon and Pumbaa

Pride Rock is a large, mountain-like rock located in the north of The Pridelands. A pack of Lion's is known as a Pride, which is where Pride Rock gets it's name, being home to Simba's Pride.

Animals Gathering Around Pride Rock

A cavern in the right side the mountain is were the lion pride sleeps.

Rulers of Pride Rock