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Username Takoto (タコト)
Meaning Friendly, Lonely.
Eye Colour Blue.
Hair Colour Brown.
Hometown Sussex, England.
Born August 17th, 1994.

Hello! I'm Takoto. I'm an administrator/sysop here! If you have a question please leave me a message on my talk page.

Information about Me

My name is Takoto. I live in England, and before you ask, yes, I drink tea, more than one cup a day usually, but that doesn't mean every Brit' does. I was born August 17, 1994, making me fifteen at the time I'm writing this. I am a dyslexic, asthmatic, insomniac who is bisexual.

The gaming systems I own are the PlayStaion 2, XBox 360, Nintendo DS (and nearly every version of Game Boy), GameCube, Nintendo Wii. I'm not like "XBOX 360 IS THE BEST", but I don't like it when people say "PS3 IS BETTER" because, really, both have their pros and cons, and console-elitists annoy me more than most people.

Despite being dyslexic, I try my hardest with spelling and grammar, so yes, I will make mistakes on articles, I apologise, but I do try my hardest, and have spell check installed on all my Internet Browsers (FireFox and Google Chrome).

I spend most of my day playing Pokémon, or drawing, or occasionally other games :B

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Other Games I Love

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