Vulture Shock

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Vulture Shock
Cover of Vulture Shock
Cover of Vulture Shock
Author Judy Katschke
Illustrators Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, Denise Shimabukuro
Pages 61
Publisher Grolier Books
Published 1994
Producer Mega-Books, Inc.
ISBN-10 071728350X
ISBN-13 978-0717283507
Collection The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock is one of the stories from The Lion King: Six New Adventures.


Kopa, the son of Simba, wants to find his family tree. He asks his father to take him to it, but Simba is busy. Kopa sets out by himself to find it. He finds a lizard and chases it for a long time. The chase leads him to a dry, barren land. Lost and alone, he curls up and goes to sleep. In the morning he is found by two hungry vultures. They take Kopa ransom for some other, tastier animals. Kopa is kept prisoner up in a tree. A group of rapping vultures called the Buzzard Boyz befriend Kopa. The Buzzard Boyz bring Simba and Nala to where Kopa is, and Kopa is rescued.