Simba and the Snake

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Simba and the Snake
The first page of Simba and the Snake.
The first page of Simba and the Snake.
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Simba and the Snake is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


The comic begins with Nala playing with her friend, Snakey. Next, Simba is talking to Scar about how his day's kingdom extends all the way to the hills. After a little bad advice from Scar, Simba goes about the Pride Lands with Nala exclaiming that he'll be king one day to anyone that will listen and that he's in charge. After running from a couple of hyenas (most likely Shenzi and Banzai) and a gorilla, Mufasa saves them from a few vultures.

After that, Simba loses his confidence and Nala comes up with a plan to get it back. She asks Snakey to pretend to be a vicious snake and attack her. When Simba comes to the rescue, he gets his confidence back and saves Nala.


The following images are the eight pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.