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Meaning To Eat, Eating
Species Lion
Gender Female
Appearances Nala's Dare

Kula is one of Nala's friends who appears in the story book Nala's Dare.

Physical Attributes

Kula is a female cub with caramel brown fur, a pink nose, chestnut coloured eyes, colorless paws and a dark brown tuft at the end of her tail. Her anatomy is pretty similar to that of Nala. She is pretty much a Kiara clone as a cub with different colors. We also know she likes to eat, so she will probably take a bulkier build as she grows older.


Kula: "Come on, Nala, don't be a lunatic. Maybe you're thinking crazy things because you're hungry. Yeah, maybe you're light-headed from hunger."

Nala: "I told you - I'm not afraid of anything. And I don't get out of dares. Chumvi thinks I'm chicken, but I'm not."

Kula: "Nala, get real. That strange lion could be super dangerous."

Nala: "I'll get up before dawn - before my mom gets up. And I'll look for that lion on the far side of Pride Rock."

Kula: "You're nuts, crazed, psycho, unhinged! Do you hear me? Well, I guess I'll have to get up before dawn and stop you."

—Kula and Nala argue about Chumvi's dare

The little lioness seems to be much more uptight and less daring than her two friends. Throughout the book Kula is shown to be the concerned, safe and cautious one out of the trio of cubs. It is hinted at during the story that Kula is lazy by never getting up before dawn in her life! She is against the idea of Nala meeting the rogue lion Ni but later she admits to Nala that if he cleaned his fur, Ni would be cute!


Chumvi: "Better late than never. Let's move!"

Kula: "Maybe we should have a snack first."

Nala: "You have food on the brain - all the time!"

Kula: "I'm still a growing girl. And dinners have been pretty skimpy lately."

—Kula and Nala talk about Kula's love for food

She is shown as being one of Nala and Chumvi's best friends during Scar's reign. Kula would rather eat than anything else.


  • Many fans think her and Chumvi might have been litter-mates because of their similar appearance.

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