Nala's Dare

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Nala's Dare
Cover of Nala's Dare
Cover of Nala's Dare
Author Joanne Barkan
Illustrators Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, and Denise Shimabukuro
Pages 61
Publisher Grolier Books
Published 1994
Producer Mega-Books, Inc.
ISBN-10 071728347X
ISBN-13 978-0717284719
Collection The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Nala's Dare is the second book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.


A strange adult lion is seen in the Pride Lands. The pride is suspicious, but Nala wants to find this lion. She does, and the lion saves her from hyenas. Nala finds out that the lion's name is Ni. She also finds out that he had to leave his pride, as young male lions are driven from their prides when they can fend for themselves. Nala's mother Sarafina introduces Ni to the rest of the pride, and then Ni leaves.