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Meaning Forgiveness
Species Lion
Close Relations Friend of Kopa
Appearances A Snake In The Grass (mentioned only)
"He's a nice kid. A lion cub like you, right?"
Timon, talking to Kopa about Afua

Afua is Kopa's best friend.

Physical Attributes

Afua's appearance is unknown.


"Well, he's not my best friend anymore. He's a dope and I hate him!"
—Kopa, talking about Afua

Although Afua is never seen, it is implied that he is impressed by Beba's physical abilities. Afua doesn't seem to notice that he's inflicting hurt on Kopa, but it's suggested that the two cubs make up in the end.


"I mean, Afua may not know he's hurting my feelings when he says that Beba is better at everything than I am."
—Kopa, talking to Timon and Pumbaa

During his childhood, Afua was best friends with Kopa, the prince of the Pridelands. But after Afua befriended Beba, a cheetah cub, he started to hang out with the cub more often than he did with Kopa. He claimed that Beba was "the fastest runner, the best climber, and the highest jumper around", which hurt Kopa's feelings and caused the young lion to tell Afua that he would never speak to him again. But as Kopa runs away from Afua, he bumps into Timon and Pumbaa. When he won't tell them what's wrong, they begin arguing, and Kopa becomes exasperated with them, and tells them what's wrong. He tells them that Afua was a "dope" and was "stupid", and that he had left Kopa alone because he wanted to hang out with Beba more than he did with Kopa. This reminds Timon and Pumbaa of a story from when they were younger. They tell the story to Kopa, in hopes that the lion cub would figure out his mistake, and their idea works; Kopa learns to forgive Afua, realizing that Afua may not mean any harm in saying that Beba can do things better than him, and they become friends again.