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Meaning Cut, slash
Species Lion
Appearances The Orphan Birds

Tojo is a lion cub during the time of King Mufasa. He is a friend of Simba and appears in the Danish comic The Orphan Birds.

Physical Attributes

Tojo has a close resemblence to Simba when he was a cub. He has a darker, browner shade of fur than Simba and a tan under-belly. He is the only lion cub to have blue eyes.

Early life

Tojo was born to an unknown lion and lioness. It is very likely that he was born in the pridelands since he is friends with Simba and that Mufasa never dismissed him, since it is likely that Mufasa would dismiss any friend of Simba if he was an outlander.

Life as a Cub

Tojo makes his only appearance in The Orphan Birds. Tojo is one of the cubs that listen to Mufasa as he talks about the Great Spirit. Tojo doesn't seem to believe in the Great Spirit and says that it doesn't watch over him well, since he gets injured quite a bit and has a sprained ankle. Simba suggests that maybe the Great Spirit has a purpose in him by staying at home, instead of playing with the other cubs.

Later in the story, Simba becomes the "mother" of orphaned blue birds because he takes care of them. Tojo meets up with Simba and begins making wings out of leaves to teach the birds how to fly. Simba leaves Tojo alone with the birds while Tojo is preparing the wings. Upon returning, Simba finds that Tojo has bonded with the birds and has made his own set of false wings, showing that the Great Spirit had a reason in Tojo's injury after all.