The Family Tree

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The Family Tree
The first page of The Family Tree.
The first page of The Family Tree.
Author Per Hedman
Illustrator(s) Fernando Güell
Pages 5
Published 2003
Inducks code D 2003-076
Origin Denmark

The Family Tree is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


While taking shelter from the rain in the den of Pride Rock, Mufasa asks Simba and Nala to stop scuffling. One of the lionesses (most likely Sarabi or Sarafina) tells them that they can go outside once the rain has stopped.

When it stops raining, the cubs run outside on their way to Slide Rock. On the way, it starts to rain again, and the cubs seek shelter under a rhino. While they stay underneath the rhino, he explains that the tree he is standing next to is his family tree and very important to him.

When it stops raining again, the cubs get to Slide Rock, and start sliding down the slippery surface. When Simba slips too far and falls of the edge and into the hollow trunk of the rhino's family tree, the rhino has to make a difficult choice: saving Simba by uprooting his family tree.


Unofficial English translation.

Official German translation.

Official Polish translation.