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Meaning Conclusive, Decisive, Final, True, Or Nonsense, Rubbish, Trash, Trifle
Species Lion
Appearances Trouble in Paradise

Tama is a lioness cub during the time of King Mufasa. She is known to be a friend of Nala and does not take a liking to Simba. She only appears in Trouble in Paradise, one of the comic books based off of the film.

Physical Attributes

Tama has beige colored hair, just like most of the lionesses. She has yellow eyes and a tuft of hair over head, which makes her similar looking to Vitani.


Tama was born to an unidentified lion and lioness. It is strongly believed that Tama was born in the Pridelands and that she is a pridelander.

Tama only appears in the comic book Trouble in Paradise where it is revealed that she is a friend to Nala. Once Nala is fed up with Simba's antics, she decides to play with Tama instead in a hidden valley. Simba hears this and follows the cubs, unbeknowest to them. He later gets in trouble with a couple of snakes. Tama and Nala hear his cries and come to rescue him.

The cubs jump onto a tree and bend it so Simba can jump up with him. They later escape the snakes with the help of Zazu. Tama has a confident personality and seems to not like Simba, calling him names and cursing him.