Hakuna Matata (comic)

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Hakuna Matata (comic)
The first page of the Hakuna Matata comic.
The first page of the Hakuna Matata comic.
Author François Corteggiani
Illustrator(s) Oscar Martin
Pages 8
Publisher Comicup Studio
Published 1994
Inducks code F JM 94240
Origin France

Hakuna Matata, as it has come to be known, is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba is play-chasing Timon and Pumbaa through the jungle again. When Timon gets injured he screams very loudly at Pumbaa, attracting the attention of three gorillas. The gorillas come up with a scheme to incapacitate Simba so they can take over the trio's jungle haven.

Timon and Pumbaa come to Simba's rescue. Pumbaa leads the three gorillas away while Timon unties Simba. When the gorillas surround Pumbaa, the three apes get into a fight over who is the strongest. When the victorious gorilla boasts about being the boss of the jungle, Simba comes in and forces the gorillas out of the jungle.


The following images are the eight pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.