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Appearances A Royal Fib
Mufasa: "Zazu is of royal blood. He is a king, just as I am!"
Simba: "Eh? Is that really true?"
Zazu: "Huh?"
Mufasa: "Of course! Zazu was a king in a land afar named Birdistan. A huge land! Am I right or am I right, Zazu?"
Zazu: "Eh....well...."
Mufasa, talking to Simba and Zazu

Birdistan is an imaginary land.


In A Royal Fib, Simba, the prince of the Pridelands, is being difficult during one of his lessons with Zazu, Mufasa's majordomo. To make Simba act better-behaved during his lessons, Mufasa lies to him, claiming that Zazu is a king in a faraway land, called "Birdistan". But his lie is later uncovered by the suspicious Simba, and everything goes back to normal.