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Meaning Movement (Hebrew)
Species Red-billed Hornbill
Close Relations Son of Zuzu
Appearances The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½
Voice Actor(s) The Lion King- Rowan Atkinson (speaking and singing) Jeff Bennett (singing, "The Morning Report") Original Broadway cast- Geoff Hoyle (speaking and singing) Timon and Pumbaa Show- Michael Gough (speaking) The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½- Edward Hibbert (speaking)
Simba: "Look, Banana Beak is scared."
Zazu: "It's Mr. Banana Beak to you, fuzzy."
Simba and Zazu

Physical Attributes

Blue feathers, white belly, navy wingtips. Thick eyebrows and a discriminating expression.


Shenzi: "I know you. You're Mufasa's little stooge."
Zazu: "I, madam, am the king's majordomo."
Shenzi and Zazu

Mufasa and later Simba’s majordomo. As a youngster, Zazu is an incompetent, talkative nuisance, but soon learns to distinguish between what’s real news and what’s not, though he’s not above some juicy gossip. Proud and pompous, despite his size, he’s rather snobby and looks down on lowlifes, and is not afraid to use his dry, biting wit. He is a very loyal friend and servant to the royal family. Easy flustered and somewhat panicky. He is a Red-billed Hornbill.

Simba Pouncing On Zazu