Do the Outlanders have a spy within the Pridelands?

Do the Outlanders have a spy within the Pridelands?

Postby FriendlyHyena » June 1st, 2018, 5:24 am

There are a couple of instances where Zira shouldn't know stuff or shouldn't be able to do what she does without being challenged.

At one point, she knows that Kiara is on her first hunt alone, but how would she know that if she and her whole group were banned from going into the Pridelands?

Also, later on, considering it was possibly a capital crime for Zira to go into the Pridelands to do her ambush, and considering that the attack was in broad daylight, not at night, mind you, and considering that Simba and Nala needed Timon and Pumba to distract hostile hyenas so that they could get to Pride Rock unhindered the day Simba challenged Scar, it seems very incredible that someone as well known as Zira could get all the way to Pride Rock to ambush Simba without someone trying to stop them.

I mean, if sneaking in was that easy, why did they need to rely on Kovu to kill Simba?

Of course, if there were insiders in the Pridelands actually loyal to Zira (perhaps they feigned loyalty to Simba to avoid being banished like Zira's crew), perhaps the Kovu thing was the main plan and they only did a distraction or whatever so that Zira could get in the day of the ambush as Zira had had misgivings when Kovu was taking so long to kill Simba.

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Re: Do the Outlanders have a spy within the Pridelands?

Postby SimbasGuard » June 3rd, 2018, 7:43 am

At Different times in the movie both Zira and Nuka. Then latter Vitani managed to sneak in to The Pride lands at night without being noticed. It is conceivable that another Outsider Lioness could sneak into The Pride Lands close enough to Pride Rock during the day to keep an eye on what way Simba might be coming. The Ambush happened quite a distance from Pride Rock. Closer to the boarders of The Outlands. It was too far away for anyone on Pride Rock to be aware that it was happening.

Also if Zira did have a Spy within Simba's Pride, Why would it have been necessary for Zira and Nuka. Then Later Vitani to infiltrate The Pride Lands to spy themselves? Also how would said insider have gotten any intell back to Zira in time for her to act on it?
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