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I've been having issues logging on

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I've been having issues logging on

Postby Gemini » February 22nd, 2015, 1:14 am

I'm not sure if it's exactly the same issue Flip was having but I've been having trouble logging on lately. I couldn't get into the site at all on Google Chrome - I changed my password and deleted my browser history but neither of those worked, and I ended up having to switch my browser to Opera.

Pretty much, it would say it logged me in but then immediately log me back out whenever I tried to go anywhere. I played with Autofill settings and checked the box to keep me logged in but it still did it. Even on Opera, it's been logging me out more than usual, and I still can't get into some sections of the site without being logged out immediately or denied access because it says I'm a guest (the Chatroom and the FAA I know at least are like this).

Anyway, this is really bugging me, especially since Chrome is my favorite browser and that's what I'm used to using, not to mention I still can't post in the FAA at all. :? Has anyone else had this problem or know what's going on? Jack/S1mb4 the L10n posted on FB but all I got was that I should delete my browser history and switch browsers, which I did already.

Any help would be appreciated. :/
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Re: I've been having issues logging on

Postby FlipMode » February 23rd, 2015, 7:16 am

Yeah that's the same problem I had, mine usually does it when I try to reply to something or go to Member HQ. Basically if I click anything that requires you be logged in, it will log me out 8/10 times.

Usually happens on my Laptop, phone seems to be okay.

My solution is to not log in ;)
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