The great war of fiction part 5 the tables are turned

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The great war of fiction part 5 the tables are turned

Postby SuperED » August 17th, 2014, 2:56 am

Hey guys superEd I decied to retype 1 of the chapters I wrote but for some reason when I pressed submit it didn't get posted here's chapter 5 enjoy !
After their defeat by the Pridelanders the Outlanders retreated .Todd was furious his feelings were shared by every Outlander besides Copper everything they had build was wiped away they were yelled at and insulted by the other villains, they had to defend themselves by digging tunnels and now his enemies knew his weakness . All he knew was this was going to be a long war ... Somewhere else in the Outlands the south park kids were digging tunnels ." I can't believe we have to dig these stupid holes I want cheesy puffs !" Cartman whines " yeah me and you could be watching tv or playing video games , or reading playboy" Kenny growled equally upset ." Yeah I'm awful sore about this " Butters chimes in " oh will you 3 quit whining ? Plus you don't read playboy anymore Kenny your gay "'Stan says annoyed at his whining friends "yeah it's not like you idiots ever get off your butts and work so shut up and dig !" Kyle snaps ." But Kyle it's to much presure !" Tweak says haveing of his famous freak outs " suck it up Tweak some times you have to work deal with it " Craig says ." yeah Tweak do you know how my family got rich ? By doing hard work that proves that this'll get us somewhere " Token says wisely. " How can you say that !? This work is to hard I could be eating a taco right now and I'm doing this instead !" Clyde yells " I know look at me I'm all dirty I should be shopping not digging !" Bebe whines " oh shut up Bebe " Wendy growled says at her blonde best friend ." personally guys even though I find this hard because of my crutches I think we'll all benefit from this physically I mean Eric has abs now that's amazing " Jimmy says looking at Cartman who just as Jimmy said grown a six pack . " Timmy !" Timmy said in amazement looking at the abs " I say I sadly don't agree with you Jimmy old chap I find this work far to difficult " Pip says tiredly " I say your right this work is tiring !" Gregory says agreeing with his fellow British friend . " are you kidding me !? I've done tons of tunnels before this is nothing !" Christophe boasts ." Yeah and I roll around in dirt all the time I like these kinds of conditions " Dog Poo chimes in " I think doing hard work will make me powerful like captain kirk " Kevin
says getting strange looks from the others " I can't believe your my brother " Esther growls annoyed . Butters decied to go on petrol and is told to be careful by Cartman and Kenny after a hug he goes on petrol but dosn't realize he's stepped over the boarder ... In the Pridelands things were better the social structure and army were rebuilt after being occupied by the Outlands empire the only threat now was the occasional but rare attack they wanted to know where they were coming from . Right now Simba and Nala were on patrol they saw a blonde
boy crossing the boarder from the Outlands . They attacked him and captured him then they went to the prison and put him in a cell " who are you and why are you in the Pridelands !?" Simba roars " oh hamburgers I'm Butters I'm sorry I didn't mean to cross into your territory I wasn't paying attention please don't kill me !" Butters begs " ok Butters since your here tell us how the outlanders are still attacking us and why we haven't seen them that often ." Nala tells him Butters looks around worried " I really shouldn't and don't want to tell you but we're digging tunnels " Butters confessed ." Thank you " Nala says as they leave to prepare their forces " Cash your on guard duty" she tells the brown hound dog as they exit . " well at least I'm not digging but Eric and Kenny are gonna be real worried when they find out" Butters thinks . Then he sees Cash and starts throwing spitballs at the traitor . Later Nala and some other Pridelanders attack the tunnels the south park kids tell Todd , Dixie and Scamp who go with an army of hyenas o,Outlander lions, dogs and deer to fight them off . On the way Kyle accidentally hits Kenny with his shovel hard killing him . A few days later as he comes back to life he sees something odd under the dirt " dig here !" he says under the dirt .
Alright since you'll have to understand chapter 4 to understand some of this here's a summery
Kenny and the others notice Todd , Copper ,Scamp ,Dixie and Angel have been acting weird they ask why Todd explains his birth and witnessing his mother's death at birth by a demon on halloween night and cursed with vampirism he he is adopted by by a old women shortly and soon find his real father who finds a new mate . Todd grows killing animals in the forest in secret soon Copper moves to town with his father ,godfather and owner and they become friends Todd dosn't like how Copper's father treats him so one night Todd kills him which he dosn't tell Copper in fear for Copper's safety Todd turns him into a vampire and they kill things together Todd now enjoys killing one night he's so hungry that he kills his stepmother . Because of the loss of his mate Todd's father invites his dog friend Tramp from the town to stay a night to heal his sadness . Tramp brings his son Scamp who is Tood's other best friend and fellow vampire ( biiten by a infected rat at birth ) Tramp goes to check on them he sees then drawing when he asks what they repond "you dying" this disturbs him .they become more scared and decide along with Copper's godfather Chief to spy on the kids using cameras used by Copper's owner they see their kids along with Scamps friend Angel ( who was bitten by a vampire flea ) kill and suck the blood of many animals and humans . The kids hear of the spying and kill Todd's father ( they try to kill Tramp and Cheif but they got away ) after that Todd moves to a game persevere and meets a girl fox named Vixey they mate but she dumps him Todd and Scamp who was now a stray in a nearby town attempt to kill her but she escapes . Todd avoids love for a little until he remembers someone from his past Dixie the two bump into each other and Dixie tells him she became a vampire after a fight with a vampire dog while Todd tells her his story they spend a few more months together and become mated and now Todd is here looking for a way to install order through fear and get power he is greedy for it like every outlander after a short arguement on morals the south park kids agreed to help him the outlanders create a system that combines certain aspects of Divergent , nazi germany ,Fascist italy ,the empire of Japan , America , franco Spain , and Vichy France they take over the Pridelands and force everyone into factions Nala takes takes the faction test and is declared divergent she sees what they do to those like her she is scared . But after seeing them brainwash Pridelanders she teams up with Cash who betrays the outlanders and convinces Copper to do so temporally after freeing the pridelanded they beat the outlanders the Pridelanders rebuild their home and Cash joins them while Copper goes back and is punished for his crimes but eventually he is forgiven and returns to his normal rank

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