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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Firestar's Album

Pride Lands cover

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Pride Lands cover
© Firestar 2010

Artist's Comments

I think I may have mentioned I was doing an comic adaption of KH2...but I can't remember if it was here or not? D:

Anyway, I officially started summer vacation today and while I'm off from school, I'll be making a comic based on Kingdom Hearts 2; basically turning the game into a comic. Yes, I know it's already been done and published before so I'm really not doing this to be original. I wanna work on my comic structure and panel flow and I thought doing a comic of a story I already knew well would help me with this. :D Also I wanna practice drawing things other than felines...which wasn't really gonna happened if I was writing my own story. x3

However, before I can start from the beginning, I need some serious practice drawing people. xD So while I do that, I'll be "starting" from the Pride Lands world. This is the chapter cover concept. =3 Hopefully I'll have this inked and colored by tomorrow'll be bigger too. xDD


Kingdom Hearts 2, TLK, story, and all characters (c) Disney / Square Enix
Art (c) Firestar

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