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Characters » Liasler

Liasler's Portrait

Registered at MLK: October 25th, 2011, 7:54 pm.

Gender: Male

Species: Lion/Demon hybrid

Character Description

Pronounced "Lies-lur"

Full Name: Liasler Ciro Hellcniht

Sone of Ciro and Aveta Hellchniht, mate to Eria Xisato, father of Lillium Hellcniht

Liasler is a shy and very self conscience individual. He was picked on since he was little since he is mute, his abnormal colors and his bright blue eyes. Since he cannot talk, not much is known about him, but that he is truly a genius and loathes those who laugh at him.
For the most part, to everyone who comes in contact with him, he has a very calm and docile personality, but he's been known to have a mean streak if he is tormented constantly and can overpower close to everyone he comes in contact with because he is easily underestimated.

(SPOILERS! and this means you Kat >.>)

Liasler is the First of the Mauti Muuaji to be possessed, but his purpose was far more pre-planned for just him to come in contact with it. His father was a faithful servant to the Mauti's known as the Changing Winds of Chaos or Ciro, able to cause turmoil to anyone he comes in contact with. He came to Mwitu as a way to aid the Dark Lady to get his masters back, and while he was there, fell in love with a lioness of the Inbetween. So as an offering to the Dark Lady to return his masters, the son the lioness bore was given as a gift to her, which she eagerly accepted.

Liasler grew quickly in the Inbetween under the watchful eye of his mother. She was the only one who knew who the father was and was determined to keep that a secret, as well as make sure that Liasler would never find out, but his unique look, as well as receiving his father's entrancing eyes, did not leave the suspicious glances that she and Liasler received from the others.

Liasler was born mute, but not because of difficulties with his body, he just refused to talk, which made him even more subject to torment since he was considered "dumb." and as time went on, it got worse and worse to the point where Liasler was nearly cracked by the mental abuse. He then received a break from his sadness when a young lioness, named Lillium, began to play with him and took a great liking to him. He immediately latched on to the attention and the two became the best of friends, until Lillium began to be bullied by the others for taking a liking to him and she eventually caved and stopped playing with him.

Enraged by the others picking on his friend, he fought off one of the main bullies to protect her, only to be reprimanded by his mother because he unknowingly let some of his Father's powers be shown. Confused and angry, he ran away into the Mwitu, bitter and envious about how he wished that he could talk and so he'd fit in, only to be called by a bright shining light that he presumes is his sort of angel. Over joyed, he follows it, only to find that it is a mirror. Disappointed, he begins to leave, only to be sucked in, finding a creature that lives in there known as Ciar, the Mauti of Envy.

Ciar wishes to use Liasler as his host, as promised to him by Liasler's Father and the Dark Lady so he can access and be able to live in the outside world. Ciar begins to change into an image of Liasler so he can live in the outside world and feed off of Liasler's dark side through the mirror, but Liasler puts up a fight. He manages to subdue Ciar long enough to make his escape, but the two both manage to be set free at the same time, and without a host in the mirror, Ciar fuses with Liasler, feeding off the dark energy that he received from his father, becoming Liasler's sort of alter ego.

He spends nearly a thousand years with Ciar before he is finally stripped of him by a deadly object that can cast them back into the their prisons. Liasler, having had Ciar a part of him for that long, had managed to retain pieces of Ciar that had permanantly latched onto his dark blood. Feeling hopelessly doomed, he eventually becomes insane and revengeful. He swore himself against his dark familly and joined the side of the Keltai's. He still retains his selfish and eccentric ways, but was for the most part loyal. He is a master at war strategy and tactics, becoming the leader of the operation of the War effort against the Mautis and the Dark Lady. As a gift, his sanity was returned to him.

He is eventually killed by an arrow to the heart during the War of the Ages while saving his comrade, Raomba, from the fate of being engulfed by the Mauit killing object and was instead quickly executed for doing so by the Mauti's that were against him by suprise, but was brought back to life as the ruler of the Keltai to be redeemed for his repentance of being a Mauti, as well as to balance the forces with his power and take the place of the late King Juilik. He lived is the current king of Keltai.

Fun Facts:
Liasler was first "conceived" in March 24, 2010 for my March Drawing a Day challenge, which can be found here: ... twork=5892

His design and idea of a split personality came from when I adopted a design for him ib August 5, 2011, his original name was Eros, but I changed it to Liasler.

Liasler was to be a toothless lion, but as time went on, I just made him mute.

Liasler began as a creature that Nyoni would encounter in his home as a common criminal, (which was a Mauti common demon called a Hidden) but instead would help him find the lost Mauti necklace that was to be used to complete the seven Mauti's, but was soon scrapped for the fact that he became a Mauti and it wouldn't make since.

His nickname is Aker, known as the two lions of sunrise and sunset because he is known for stalking around during dawn and dusk.

My first character with a full name, known as Liasler Ciro Hellcniht

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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