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Cub Liasler reference sheet

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Cub Liasler reference sheet
© Dolphinsea 2011

Artist's Comments

Liasler cubbie sheet plus the first form of Ciar at the bottom (he sort of grows as Lias does and has stages. This is his weakest form.)

so..I'll do a more extensive description of Lolzy here:
Name: Liasler
Gender: Male
Nickname: Aker (the name of a double diety from Egypt, it's his name that he is called as a mysterious prowler in his young adult years) Lias, Lies (a punny from a character of mine named Canite) and Lolzy (for forum/journal skype amusement.)
Age: 999 years old. Ciar has kept him alive for all of these years. (though he's about 8 months to a year here.)
Personality: Very introverted and intelligent, but he is very insecure. He is very untrusting and when it comes to relationships, is very clueless. He is very passive and is easily pushed around, until somebody somebody decides to set him off, then your in for it. Because he cannot speak his mind, he is usually overcritical of everything he comes in contact with, unless he truly likes it. He has a love of shiny objects and mechanical items.
Physical charicatristics: he is a very small build and is a total odd-ball with big slitted blue eyes and long curly ginger mane.
Powers: His father is a demon known as the "Changing Winds" and he as acquired his father's tendency of bringing havoc wherever he goes. His blue eyes also have the power to entrance and control others, even create or destroy memories that aren't there.
Other: He is mute.

Name: Ciar
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Aker, Cias
Age: <999 years XD
Personality: A very extroverted manipulative guy, able to make Liasler to do anything by manipulating his thinking or his outside world so Liasler will think like he does. He is very complex, his wants constantly changing, but once he has something he wants to do, he will go through anything to make sure it happens the way he wants it to, even to the extent of hurting Liasler.
Powers: He is the first Mauti of Envy, Manipulation, Untruths. The snake demon. He can shift into anything he pleases, and under the alter-ego of Liasler, is able to hide himself whil his "other half" gets the blame. He is able to manipulate energy to make his voice sound anyway he wants, and can speak through minds.
Other: Though I didn't draw him like this in the picture, he has a broken jaw from Liasler's attempt of escaping him, and it usualy hangs limp on his throat.

I'll write more on him tomorrow, but I'm tired, so enjoy XD

Liasler/Ciar belongs to me! Do not use him without MY permission!

User Comments

  rachel April 9th, 2019, 12:38 pm
He's so cute. I love his coblat blue eyes
  Whisperkat December 12th, 2011, 1:04 am
lolzy!! <333 and cias too! <33 amazing as always :3
  Dolphinsea December 12th, 2011, 1:04 am
Lias: *glomples*
Cias: *glomples more*
Me: *facepalms*
  Whisperkat December 12th, 2011, 1:05 am
me: yay! *huggles them both and kristen*
  Dolphinsea December 12th, 2011, 1:23 am
All: *huggles back*

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