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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Simba's Album


# long time no see 
February 22nd, 2012, 2:48 am
haven't been on here in forever, or uploaded art in even longer. but I have plans to change that! I'll have some time come May to start up drawing again and hopefully will get to upload some new stuff. also want to get all the pictures and info set for all my characters on here (I have pictures of most, just not uploaded on their profiles >.<). a bit busy to worry about it at the moment, but I'll get that mess sorted out during my summer vacation.

also, I'll probably get to any unfinished requests/trades upon my return. so I'll look things up and see about that. and if I get my laptop's glitches fixed by the time I can come back, I should be able to make faster work about it than what everything's been taking me.

just figured I'd pop in and let everyone know that I haven't abandoned the place ;)

# Pride Design Contest 
July 22nd, 2010, 3:04 am
soooo....I've found it difficult and delaying thus far to rely on the Trading Tree on TLKFAA to find all the pride members I want. instead, I'm holding a contest for other to design them. not sure just yet if I'll have the contest on both these FAA sites, that depends on the participation and results here. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me design characters to be in the Moon Pride for my Fallen Star storyline. you can draw designs for as many or as little as you want. if you have a character already made that you think would fit and wouldn't mind adopting out, that's fine.

What I need

  • the king. he's a humble but mighty character, though his time in the story is short-lived.
  • several lionesses (or halfbreed crosses with lions). they'll mainly have a background role, but all will have speaking parts at some point. I'm thinking at least six.
  • a few oddball characters. they'll be either close to the pride or part of it. these guys can be your own species, in fact I encourage it. but I certainly don't want regular lions here. halfbreeds, however, are acceptable. no more than three of these.
  • one male. not very bulky, and somewhat shy. he can be designed cub, teen, or adult.


  • NO "sparkle" characters. you may have some un-natural colorations and markings, just so long as there are overall natural colors to them.
  • you may include an accesory such as a bandana or ring, but no excessive use of human objects please. bones I will allow a few more of, though.
  • no excessive hair on lionesses please. you may give them tufts on head or running from base of neck to head, just don't make them too big please. if you're afraid it's too big, compare it to Sabena as she should be the maximum.
  • all new designs must include the pride marking. it's a triangular marking with a dot above it, present only on the forehead/upper nose region. already existing characters don't have to have this, but I will add it on if I pick them. this is what the pride marking looks like: (will put here soon, I'm having some technical difficulties).


  • if your design is chosen, I'll do 1 request
  • if more than one of your designs is picked, you will not get any additional requests. one prize per person.

# Taking requests! (read) 
April 17th, 2009, 8:14 pm
okay, so I've poofed for awhile entirely. was only planning on poofing on my art here....but if you haven't seen the latest on my homepage just before Easter, it was partially due to a recent loss. those of us close to him are coping well now, so I popped back in.

anywhos, I promised pics for everybody for when I come back. I still have a handful more of the stuff I owe at TLKFAA, but I'll go ahead and get this sorted out first.

ok just tell me which of your characters you want. the rest will be a surprise, mwahahahahahaaa! if you don't have any characters of your own (doubtful, but just in case), I'll do any TLK character from the movies, comics, books, and tv show. commenting to tell me here is perfect ;)

and random not of the day: Image XD

# lack of art 
March 30th, 2009, 7:44 pm
I won't be uploading much here for awhile. I'll still post in the forums though. also, I'm gonna slack off on comments. there's getting to be too many uploads for me to keep up with lol. I'm like clicking everywhere and trying to think of something to type and it's...yeah.

plus, I just remembered some things I really owe people from like foreverrrrr ago. I need to get like 30 or so drawings done before I do anything else, although I'm extremely tempted. but I should have a major upload when I get those out of the way. major inspiration coming through and my fingers are itching to put the images in my mind on computer screen.

this also means I'll be slacking off on my avatars. but I promise I'll have some brand new Vitani, Scar, and Ed ones coming as well as some others. and I might even whip up some signatures then, which have typically been my expertise instead of avatars lol.

BUT- to make up for not uploading for a long while, I'll do every artist here a semi-surprise pic. all I need to know is which one of your characters and the character's personality. the surprise is that you have no idea what I'm going to make that has your character in it, mwaha.

and random note of the day: confusion is fun, especially when you're confused and mesmorized at the same time

# Cookies! 
March 19th, 2009, 8:04 pm
just decided I'd tell y'all how my cookies thing works.

if I say first person to guess something gets a cookie, then I'll draw the character of your choice (your own or TLK) eating a giant cookie with your choice of flavor. if no flavor is specified, I make chocolate chip. I like to do these from time to time, so keep a look out when I upload pics if you want a cookie!

I already did random note of the day today......yeah.

# blahblahblah 
March 19th, 2009, 7:12 pm
thanks to Moka for fixing the BBcode thing!

I've got 4 days left to pull in after school. then I'm going to go art crazy and upload stuff here, TLKFAA, and dA.

my friend gave me the wicked idea of a mouse/moose creature. lol, I'm going to draw it and upload it on my dA, since that's kinda off-topic for here. and somehow we got to planning some crazy roadtrips to several places for after we graduate. but that'll only ever happen if we all get plenty of money by then, so it may never happen...

I'm probably going to add a fan-art section to the forums of my site (Pride Rock Net) because I'm taking so long on the main site to add a fan-art section. besides, it'll work better when I upgrade my account sometime in the further away future when I can pay for it. then I can have enough space to store user images.

Random note of the day: melted or nacho cheese on chocolate probably tastes pretty awesome...

# crap... 
March 16th, 2009, 6:54 pm
first off: ooo, there's new thingies in this journal....or I just never noticed the IMG and junk before.

now, down to the real point of this. I'm probably not going to be on much for the next bit. I had the flu for a week, and although better, I'm being murdered with school work. and my school has this torture called after school. I have to go to after school 6 days cause I went a day and a half over my limit. really sucks. and I gotta funeral to go to. yeah, I know, I'm not having a good week so far.

and random note of the day: I forgot the random note of the day.....*cough*

# Whatnot 
March 5th, 2009, 1:33 am
Will eventually have the Belch mini-movie up. if there's no video files here, I'll just upload the animation without sound and put a link to the sound version on my deviantArt.

Might not be uploading as much for the next bit. I'm going to try and make an entry for Koraden's contest that I can upload in time to get votes. then I got some REALLY belated birthday pics I need to do. a few gifts, icons, and requests I owe need to get done. and I'm getting uber-active on Ulaya, plus I'm joining a few more TLK sites and I'm going to post myself to death :lol: so yeah....

random note of the day: blue jello foam is great

# Stuffers 
January 31st, 2009, 9:55 pm
*SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* Journal! *dances*
lol. anywhos, down to business.....or non-business like fun time rather...*cough*...thanks to some inspiration from Moka in the chatbox, I'm going to make a mini-movie clip. yeah, I know it just started out as a plain drawing and I'm going to upload that first.

I have a new universal (as far as Lion King and African cats goes...) official fursona! I'll be getting around to those uploads soon. ^_^

and random note of the day: taco cheese can be orange.

oh, and you guys can feel free to call me AJ if you really want lol.