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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


AlexusLioness's Album


Zira in the Out lands
Today, 4:57 am

Zira again
Today, 4:55 am

Today, 4:51 am

Uru and Ahadi
Today, 4:45 am

Cub Simba
Today, 4:43 am

Simba and the sun set
Today, 4:41 am

Simba's Pride or also Scar's Pride
Today, 4:36 am

Simba again
Today, 4:34 am

Simba water painting
Today, 4:25 am

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Just wanted to say that I now have some fan art up here that I've drawn in case anyone would like to view it and stuff. Also tomorrow is my birthday so thought I'd say it here and all that. I may draw and post some of my own characters here later on as well. Thought I'd say.

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Welcome to my page!

My Deviantart gallery

My Lion King Fan Art Archive gallery

My lion king source gallery ... 30193.html

My e-mail address

Please note or e-mail please if you want to do an art trade or something. Thank you for reading.

This is what my fursona looks like in case anyone would like to draw her for me. Thank you for viewing ... twork=7391 Her paw pads are yellow by the way like her hair on her head and her nose. Thought I'd mention that here.

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