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The first page of Shadows.
The first page of Shadows.
Author Jack Sutter
Illustrators Oscar Martin
Pages 4 (Poland), 6 (other countries)
Published 1999 (UK)
Inducks code D 97403

Shadows (also known as From Shadow To Shadow) is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Mufasa and Simba are napping in the shade when an eagle nearly grabs Simba. Luckily Mufasa spots it and defends Simba from its grasp. After the eagle flies away, Mufasa explains that Simba must always be watchful and that he had spotted the eagle by its shadow moving over the ground.

Simba meets up with Nala to show her what he had learned. After trying to navigate through danger by only using shadows, Simba and Nala return home.


The following images are the six pages of this comic translated (unofficially) from Dutch to English.

The following images are the four pages of official Polish translation of this comic.