The Morning Report

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The Morning Report is a song sung by Simba and Zazu in The Lion King special edition, as well as in the musical version. Mufasa appears in the song and speaks, however does not sing, although he sings at the very end in the Broadway musical 


Zazu: Chimps are going ape, giraffe remain above it all, elephants remember just what it is I can't recall, crocodiles are snapping fresh ophers from the bank, showing interest in my nest I say no thanks, we haven't paid the horn-bills, vultures have a hunch, not everyone invited will be coming back from lunch. This is the morning report! It's to the long and the short. Every grunt roar and snort; it's not a tale I distort on the mooorrrning report.

Musfasa: What are you doing, son?

Simba: Pouncing.

Mufasa: Let an old pro show you how it's done....

Zazu: The buffalo have got a beef about this season's grass. Warthogs have been thwarted in attempts to save their gas. Flamingos in the pink and chasing secretary birds. Saffron is the season's color seen in all the herds. Moving down the rank and file to near the bottom rung. Far too many beetles are quite frankly in the dung.

(The verse is sung while Mufasa gives Simba his pouncing lesson)

Mufasa: Keep low to the ground.

Simba: Ok, stay low to the ground, right?

Mufasa: Shh! Don't make a sound....take it slow one more step.

Simba: This is the morning report; it's to the long and the short. Every grunt roar and snort. (muffled) It's not a tale I distort on the mooorrrning report.

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