All MLK Smilies (594) and their Codes

Order by smiley code
Image Code Emotion File
Very Happy biggrin.gif
Very Happy biggrin.gif
Very Happy biggrin.gif
Smile happy.gif
Smile happy.gif
Smile happy.gif
Wink wink.gif
Wink wink.gif
Wink wink.gif
Frown sad2.gif
Frown sad2.gif
sad2 sad.gif
Surprised wha.gif
Surprised wha.gif
Confused confused.gif
Confused confused.gif
Confused confused.gif
Cool cheesysmile.gif
Cool cheesysmile.gif
Laughing laugh.gif
Mad mad.gif
Mad mad.gif
Mad mad.gif
Raspberry razz.gif
Raspberry razz.gif
Raspberry razz.gif
Embarrassed regret.gif
Confused cry.gif
Evil evilgrin.gif
Rolling Eyes eyebrow3.gif
Frown sad2.gif
Surprised wha.gif
Surprised wha.gif
Confused cry.gif
angry jasiri angryjasiri.png
concern concern.png
ego jasiri egojasiri.png
growl jasiri growljasiri.png
happy jasiri happyjasiri.png
kiara oh yeah kiaraohyeah.png
kion annoyed kionannoyed.png
kion grin kiongrin.png
kion grin kiongrin2.png
kion what? kionwhat.png
nala smile nalasmile.png
oh no ohno.png
peaceful zazu peacefulzazu.png
puppy eyes puppyeyes.png
saywut saywut.png
serious serious.png
smile kion smilekion.png
worried beshte worriedbeshte.png
zuri cool zuricool.png
bugs bugs.jpg
busted busted.png
butterfly butterfly.png
coolgrin coolgrin.png
despise despise.jpg
evil evil5.png
evil janja eviljanja.png
evil laugh evillaugh.png
evil plan evilplan.png
exasperated exasperated.png
eye roll eyeroll.png
fist bump fistbump.png
forget it forgetit.png
fuli fuli2.png
fuli oh yeah fuliohyeah.jpg
hacking cough hackingcough.png
i see isee.png
kiara unsure kiaraunsure.jpg
kion oops kionoops.png
kion ugh kionugh.png
lunch! lunch!.jpg
not again notagain.jpg
not impressed notimpressed.png
omgwtfbbq omgwtfbbq.png
ono wink onowink.png
orly orly.png
scar lion guard scarlionguard.png
shiney shiney.jpg
super excited superexcited.png
the fastest thefastest.png
tiifu tiifu.png
tiifu tiifu2.jpg
water fun waterfun.png
wet kion wetkion.png
wheeeee wheeeee.png
worried nala worriednala.png
yikes yikes.png
zuka zama zukazama.png
Beshte beshte.png
Broke a Claw! brokeaclaw.png
Bunga bunga.png
Excited Bunga bungaexcited.png
Cheezi cheezi.png
Determined determined.png
Facepaw facepaw.png
Fuli fuli.png
Grumpy grumpy2.png
Kion kion.png
Smiling Kion kionsmile.png
Locked On lockedon.png
Ono ono.png
Scheming scheming.png
Shocked shocked.png
Skeptical skeptical.png
The Roar theroar.png
Thumbs Up thumbsup.png
Unsure unsure.png
amnot amnot.png
angryeyes angryeyes.png
brokenheart brokenheart.png
cheesysmile cheesysmile.png
creepynuka creepynuka.png
dazed dazed.png
droopyears droopyears.png
evilzira evilzira.png
fly fly.png
gasp2 gasp2.png
grrzira grrzira.png
ha ha.png
highfive highfive.png
kiarabutterfly kiarabutterfly.png
kiaraexcited kiaraexcited.png
melikey melikey.png
mhm mhm.png
nomnom nomnom.png
nukawut nukawut.png
pissed pissed.png
quit quit.png
simba simba.png
sinister sinister.png
sleepykovu sleepykovu.png
this-iz-mah-happy-face this-iz-mah-happy-face.png
tobeking tobeking.png
ugh ugh.png
ugh2 ugh2.png
umno umno.png
yap yap.png
zira-approve zira-approve.png
zira-aww zira-aww.png
zira-happy zira-happy.png
zirainnocent zirainnocent.png
gasp gasp.png
glee2 glee2.png
ohgod ohgod.png
disgust5 disgust5.png
bethatway bethatway.png
butwhy butwhy.png
enough enough.png
enthusiastic enthusiastic.png
madmonkey madmonkey.png
ohgawd ohgawd.png
ohyeah2 ohyeah2.png
shattered shattered.png
smug smug.png
sosorry sosorry.png
delight delight.png
eep eep.png
fakeworry fakeworry.png
fret fret.png
holycrap holycrap.png
krazy krazy.png
mildinterest mildinterest.png
realize realize.png
roll3 roll3.png
saywhat saywhat.png
sleepyzira sleepyzira.png
stalker stalker.png
whythelongface whythelongface.png
wickedmother wickedmother.png
ziracry ziracry.png
awe awe.png
cheese cheese.png
chuckle2 chuckle2.png
curious curious.png
down down.png
drunk drunk.png
flee flee.png
forgiving forgiving.png
glad glad.png
glee glee.png
grumpy grumpy.png
happy5 happy5.png
hey10 hey10.png
macho2 macho2.png
mischievous2 mischievious2.png
ocwap ocwap.png
pout2 pout2.png
proud4 proud4.png
smile6 smile6.png
sneaky3 sneaky3.png
sneaky4 sneaky4.png
stalk2 stalk2.png
surprised2 surprised2.png
sweet sweet.png
unforgiving unforgiving.png
worried2 worried2.png
ermm ermm.png
icky icky.png
banzaismile banzaismilebysimbaholic.png
furious4 furious4bysimbaholic.png
interesting interestingbysimbaholic.png
omg6 omg6bysimbaholic.png
wth2 wth2bysimbaholic.png
awesumface awesumface.png
demonic demonic.png
fakeyay fakeyay.png
gotthehint gotthehint.png
vitaniignored vitaniignored.png
eww eww.png
guilty2 guilty2.png
hmm5 hmm5.png
muchjoy muchjoy.png
nervous nervous.png
nuuuhhgirlfriend nuuuhhgirlfriend.png
ahadi ahadi.png
ashamed ashamed.png
bigmouth bigmouth.png
butterflies butterflies.png
cheerful cheerful.png
chuckle chuckle.jpg
cool5 cool5.png
coolsmile coolsmile.png
crazy2 crazy2.jpg
cutenala cutenala.png
cutesimba cutesimba.png
disappointed3 disappointed3.jpg
disgust4 disgust4.png
doh doh.png
ed ed.png
edangry edangry.jpg
edexcited edexcited.jpg
edsmile edsmile.jpg
ghost ghost.png
ghost2 ghost2.png
girly girly.png
heart heart.png
hey9 hey9.png
hmm4 hmm4.png
hopeful2 hopeful2.png
hug3 hug3.png
hug4 hug4.png
huh10 huh10.png
joy joy.png
joy2 joy2.png
joy3 joy3.png
kiarakopa kiarakopa.png
kingofpriderock kingofpriderock.png
kungfu2 kungfu2.png
lazy3 lazy3.png
lonely lonely.png
madman madman.png
newborn2 newborn2.png
ni2 ni2.png
nod nod.png
noogie noogie.png
nukaeww nukaeww.png
nuka thank you nukaty.png
ohh ohh.png
ohnoes ohnoes.png
ohnoes2 ohnoes2.png
oops2 oops2.png
outcold outcold.png
relaxed relaxed.png
roar4 roar4.png
roar5 roar5.png
roar6 roar6.png
rofl rofl.png
rofl2 rofl2.png
runaway runaway.png
runaway2 runaway2.png
slurp slurp.png
sneaky sneaky.png
sneaky2 sneaky2.png
thinking thinking.png
together together.png
tojo2 tojo2.png
vengeful vengeful.png
watchingyou watchingyou.png
wha4 wha4.png
ziragrin ziragrin.png
Confident confident.gif
Confused2 confused.gif
Disgust disgust2.gif
Ehh eh2.gif
Ehh2 eh3.gif
Ew ew.gif
Goodnight goodnight.gif
Headache headache.gif
Thoughtful hmm.gif
Innocent innocent2.gif
adored adored.jpg
afraid afraid.png
asleep asleep.jpg
asleep2 asleep2.jpg
backfromthedead backfromthedead.png
blahblahblah blahblahblah.jpg
blush blush.png
burp burp.jpg
coldhearted2 coldhearted2.jpg
cool3 cool3.jpg
cool4 cool4.jpg
didntmeanto didntmeanto.jpg
dignity dignity.jpg
dreadeddoughnuts dreadeddoughnuts.png
eeh eeh.jpg
eek2 eek2.jpg
ehh3 ehh3.jpg
embarrassed embarrassed.jpg
epicshenziface epicshenziface.jpg
fakesadness fakesadness.jpg
fall fall.png
grouphug grouphug.jpg
grr7 grr7.png
guilty guilty.jpg
happy4 happy4.png
heartbroken heartbroken.jpg
hey8 hey8.jpg
horrified2 horrified2.jpg
horrifiedoutsiders horrifiedoutsiders.jpg
horrifiedoutsiders2 horrifiedoutsiders2.jpg
insane insane.jpg
kingly kingly.jpg
kingsofthepast kingsofthepast.jpg
kopa2 kopa2_by_thanigraphics.png
kopa3 kopa3_by_thanigraphics.png
lick lick.png
lick2 lick2.jpg
lol4 lol4.png
lovingsmile2 lovingsmile2.jpg
mad2 mad2.jpg
malka2 malka2_by_thanigraphics.png
nom2 nom2.png
nukaanger nukaanger.jpg
nukaargumentative nukaargumentative.jpg
nukableh nukableh.jpg
nukacool nukacool.jpg
nukaeyebrow nukaeyebrow.jpg
nukagrr nukagrr.jpg
nukagrr2 nukagrr2.jpg
nukahaha nukahaha.jpg
nukahey nukahey.jpg
nukaitchy nukaitchy.jpg
nukaitchy2 nukaitchy2.jpg
nukalaugh nukalaugh.jpg
nukamisery nukamisery.jpg
nukannoyed nukannoyed.jpg
nukasad nukasad.jpg
nukashock nukashock.jpg
nukasing nukasing.jpg
nukasupergrin nukasupergrin.jpg
nukayay nukayay.jpg
nukayell nukayell.jpg
oh? oh.png
ohnoez! ohnoez.png
omg5 omg5.png
oooooh oooooh.jpg
pinnedya pinnedya.jpg
playful playful.jpg
playful2 playful2.jpg
playmusic playmusic.jpg
pounce pounce.png
puckerlips puckerlips.png
puke2 puke2.jpg
rage rage.png
roar3 roar3.jpg
scream scream.png
secret secret.jpg
silly silly.jpg
simbahuh simbahuh.png
sing3 sing3.jpg
sing4 sing4.jpg
sleepyhead sleepyhead.jpg
slippedout slippedout.jpg
smile4 smile4.jpg
smile5 smile5.jpg
sob2 sob2.jpg
sob3 sob3.jpg
squished squished.png
stealthy stealthy.jpg
supergrin supergrin.png
surprised surprised.png
tama2 tama2_by_thanigraphics.png
tama3 tama3_by_thanigraphics.png
teehee teehee.png
thankyousmile thankyousmile.jpg
think think.jpg
thoughtful2 thoughtful2.jpg
tired2 tired2.jpg
tongue tongue.png
unwilling unwilling.jpg
upset4 upset4.jpg
wow2 wow2.jpg
yawn3 yawn3.jpg
yawn4 yawn4.jpg
Kula Kula_by_thanigraphics.jpg
Mega/Leo Mega_by_thanigraphics.png
Mohatu Mohatu_smiley_for_MLK_by_thanigraphics.png
Snuggle SnuggleSmiley.jpg
Argumentative argumentative.jpg
Awaken awaken.jpg
Beany Tag Nuka beanytag_nuka_smiley_MLK_by_thanigraphics.png
Betrayed betrayed.jpg
Bow bow.jpg
Bow bow2.jpg
Cold cold.jpg
Coldhearted coldhearted.jpg
Confident confident2.jpg
Cool cool.jpg
Devishly Cool devilishlycool.jpg
Devishly Happy devilishlyhappy.jpg
Disappointed disappointed.jpg
Disappointed disappointed2.jpg
"Dramaking" dramaking.jpg
Drama-Queen dramaqueen.jpg
Ego ego.jpg
Evil evil2.jpg
Evil evil3.jpg
Evil evil4.jpg
Evil Plan evilplan.jpg
Excited excited3.jpg
Excited Hyenas excitedhyenas.jpg
Executive executive.jpg
Eyebrow eyebrow6.jpg
Fake Fear fakefear.jpg
Freaking Out! freakingout_smiley_by_thanigraphics.png
Furious furious.jpg
Furious furious2.jpg
Furious furious3.jpg
Ghostly ghostly.jpg
Grin grin.jpg
Grr grr6.jpg
Happy happy3.jpg
Hate hate.jpg
Hey hey4.jpg
Hey hey5.jpg
Hey hey6.jpg
Hey hey7.jpg
Hmm hmm3.jpg
Hmph hmph2.jpg
Hmph hmph3.jpg
Hmph hmph4.jpg
Hopeful hopeful.jpg
Horrified horrified.jpg
Hug hug.jpg
Hug hug2.jpg
Huh huh4.jpg
Huh huh5.jpg
Huh huh6.jpg
huh7 huh7.jpg
huh8 huh8.png
huh9 huh9.png
In Love inlove.jpg
Innocent innocent3.jpg
Itchy itchy.jpg
Jealous jealous.jpg
Joe joe_by_thanigraphics.png
Kopa kopa_smiley_for_MLK_by_thanigraphics.png
Lazy lazy.jpg
Lazy lazy2.jpg
Lol lol3.jpg
Looney looney.jpg
Max max1_by_thanigraphics.png
Max max2_by_thanigraphics.png
Mischievous mischievous.jpg
Newborn newborn.jpg
Ninja ninja.jpg
Oh Yeah ohyeah.jpg
OMG omg3.jpg
OMG omg4.jpg
Ooooh ooh.jpg
Ooooh ooh2.jpg
Peaceful peaceful.jpg
Peeky peeky.jpg
Practice practice.jpg
Precisely precisely.jpg
Proud proud2.jpg
Proud proud3.jpg
Puke puke.jpg
Resist resist.jpg
Roar roar.jpg
Roar roar2.jpg
Roll roll.jpg
Sad sad5.jpg
"Scarcastic" scarcastic.jpg
Scared scared.jpg
Sing sing2.jpg
*Sob* sob.jpg
Srsly... srsly.jpg
Super-excited! superexcited.jpg
Testify! testify.jpg
Thoughtful thoughtful.jpg
Tired tired.jpg
Togetherness togetherness.jpg
Upset upset.jpg
Upset upset2.jpg
Upset upset3.jpg
We Are One weareone.jpg
Wha..? wha3.jpg
Worried worried.jpg
Wow! wow.jpg
WTH wth.jpg
*Yawn* yawn.png
*Yawn* yawn2.jpg
Yummy yummy.jpg
Chumvi Chumvi_smiley_ized_for_MLK_by_thanigraphics.png
Malka Malka_MLK_smiley_by_thanigraphics.png
Tama Tama_MLK_smiley_by_thanigraphics.png
Nala nala.png
Proud Kovu proud_kovu.png
Ni smiley_for_mlk_NI_by_thanigraphics.png
Tojo tojo_smiley_for_MLK_by_thanigraphics.jpg
Zazu zazu.png
Annoyed annoyed.gif
Bazurk bazurk.gif
Confident confident.jpg
Confused confused2.gif
Crazy crazy.jpg
Devious devious.gif
Disgust3 disgust.jpg
Dreamy dreamy.gif
Ecstatic ecstatic.gif
Excited excited2.gif
Freedom freedom.gif
Grr grr5.gif
Huh? huh3.gif
Kung Fu kungfu.gif
nehneh nehneh.gif
nom nom.gif
OMG! omg.gif
OMG omg2.gif
Puh-Leeez. pahleeez.jpg
Shock shock.jpg
Sing! sing.gif
Smelly smelly.gif
Sowwy sowwy.gif
Stalk stalk.gif
Dissatisfied dissatisfied.gif
Eyebrow5 eyebrow5.gif
Loving Smile lovingsmile.gif
Pawprint pawprint.gif
Proud proud.gif
Retro Fro retro.gif
Shenzi Smile shenzismile.gif
Soaked soaked.gif
Umm umm.gif
Salute salute.gif
Laughing2 lol2.gif
hey2 hey2.gif
Macho Man macho.gif
Confused4 huh2.gif
Neutral eh.gif
Confused3 huh.gif
Pout pout.gif
Luau! luau.gif
An Idea idea.gif
wha2 wha2.gif
yuck yuck.gif
unsatisfied unsatisfied.gif
understanding understanding.gif
Cuddle snuggle.gif
sneer sneer.gif
smirk smirk.gif
smile3 smile2.gif
sleepy sleepy.gif
sexy sexy.gif
sad3 sad3.gif
pretty pretty.gif
Ooo... ooo.gif
smile2 smile.gif
bigteethnala kickassnala.gif
Happy happy2.gif
hmph hmph.gif
Innocent2 innocent.gif
hmm2 hmm2.gif
hey3 hey3.gif
Happy Thoughts happythought.gif
Pleeeease... pleeeease.gif
Another Idea idea2.gif
Hesitant hesitant.gif
hey hey.gif
Happy2 happy3.gif
Grr3 grr3.gif
Grr2 grr2.gif
Grr grr.gif
Cry2 cry2.gif
Disgust2 disgust.gif
Girlyman girlyman.gif
Eyebrow2 eyebrow2.gif
Eyebrow eyebrow.gif
Excited excited.gif
Mr. Green icon_mrgreen.gif