Your favourite character pairings?

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

Postby Animal of the Wild » October 3rd, 2013, 11:40 pm

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Re: Your favourite character pairings?

Postby Carl » October 11th, 2013, 4:32 am

I like the canon pairings (Simba x Nala, Kiara x Kovu, Mufasa x Sarabi) of course, but beyond that I am somewhat fond of:

Vitani x Kiara
Sarafina x Scar
Nala x Scar
Malka x Tama

Eh, this may not be all of them, but they're the only ones coming to me right now.

On to explaining them.

Vitani x Kiara. Seems like a wtf pairing to some people, but to me, it almost makes more sense than Kiara x Kovu. I actually like this pairing more than Kiara x Kovu. Here is why: first of all, I think they are cute together. Kiara looks like the typical "pretty" girl and to an extent has the stuck-up attitude to match. On the other hand, Vitani is a tom-boy and is rough around the edges. She's not all that much to look at, and while she seems grumpy, she also is shown as coming around in the end, because of, that's right, Kiara. I'm not saying that Disney had lesbian undertones here, I know they didn't, it just fits in with my like of this pairing. I've seen a few loose theories about this pairing, but it's pretty unheard of. In my (AU) theory, while Kiara and Kovu presumably didn't meet up much (if any) after that first encounter before the fire, that is simply because Kovu is always in training. With Zira focusing on him all of the time, Vitani is left unattended and gets bored. In my theory, Kiara and Vitani actually met for the first time before Kiara met Kovu, and Kiara actually was heading back there to meet up with Vitani again when she first meets Kovu. Being as Kiara doesn't like her father's strictness and is shown sneaking away on more than one occasion, it seems likely to me that she would have done so numerous times. Kovu was busy with his training and Nuka was always trying to suck up to Zira, but Vitani wouldn't necessarily be around them all the time. So I have them meeting up sporadically throughout their cubhood and adolescence, they continue doing so because they are both bored and lonely, and it is nice to go hang out with a girl of the same age, like most growing kids. As they keep meeting up, their friendship evolves into more than simple friends, and eventually becomes more than best friends. Well, I'm writing a fic of that (slowly!) so I won't go into all of the details, but I really do think they work as a couple.

Also, an added benefit from my view, Vitani is like me in some ways (most relevantly in this case: not-so-pretty, outcast, tomboy) and Kiara is like my girlfriend in some ways (pretty, somewhat naive, yet somehow wise), and it's nice to have a TLK couple that I can actually relate to somewhat. :P

Sarafina x Scar. I've seen this pairing done so many ways, but the one that stands out to me most is from Rinjapine's fic. Sarafina is betrothed to Mufasa, and Taka to Sarabi, but Sarafina loves Taka, and convinces him to run away with her. He comes to love her, and they are wonderful together, but after some horrible events, they are forced to return to Pride Rock, Taka is forced to stay away from the pride, including Sarafina, and eventually because of his bitterness and darkness, she comes to despise him. It is really tragic, but it is very beautiful. Besides that, I just think this couple looks good together.

Nala x Scar. Obviously if the last one worked out Nala is Scar's cub, and that's nasty, so this is assuming Sarafina x Scar did not exist or did not work out. To me, it makes sense, based on the Madness of King Scar, for Scar to have come on to Nala at some point. Whether this was for appearances or a route to immortality only (a king needs a queen, a king needs an heir) or because he had a genuine interest in her, either works if done properly. When Simba's exiled, presumed dead, and Mufasa is dead, Scar will be the only male around, and as repulsive as he may be to most of the lionesses, there are several reasons Nala might agree to be his. For one thing, he could force himself on her. He has the hyenas to back him up if he's not strong enough himself. For another, he could manipulate her into thinking he cares. Or there could be a sort of "friendship" between them since her cubhood that turned to something more... in the realm of the canon story, one of the others is more likely, thus causing her flight to Simba, etc. etc. Like with the last one, I think this couple looks good together. I've seen some that didn't take Scar too much out of character and made him very sweet to her at the same time and it just somehow works and I dunno, I'm a mental case. :P

Malka x Tama. I don't even know on this one, honestly. The idea just popped in my head one day and I created a cub for them. She's a cute cub with a combination of both their features and she's meant to hook up with Kopa. xD

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