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No mans land

No mans land

Postby Acegermanshepherd » July 28th, 2019, 4:55 am

Character List:


Walinzi: AceGermanShepherd: Male Lion, originally a wandering lion employed by scar as security, currently employed as a emergency hunting part along with a mix band of hyenas and lions to search for food. Now seeks to lead the group to a peaceful ending.
Enzi:AceGermanShepherd: Male Hyena assigned to Walinzi's hunting unit, during the long hunting trip became good friends, now faces exclusion from his clan because of association with lions.

Canon Character:

//this will be filled with anyone who wants to play cannon characters

Characters we most need:


Basic Premise: After a hunting expedition a mixed band returns successfully with ample food to support Scars pride, unfortunately for them they have arrived just after Simba has taken his place as king back, now the group must try to survive and fight their way to new lands or to attempt to surrender to either the retreating hyena clan or the newly formed pridelanders.

-Please be substantive with your posts (at least one fully-realized paragraph)
-Please write in paragraph form.
-Please make a good faith effort to maintain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.
-Please adhere to the Basic Premise.
-Please write in the third person.
-Please ask the Creator before joining or introducing OCs.

(Thanks to SimbaKovu for providing the template and the rules)
(Please feel free to message me for improvements I could make, or any characters we really need)


"well...would you look at that"

Walinzi said to the Hyena as he saw what had been able to call home for months going up in flames, Walinzi found this terrible now his job was at threat. The lion needed to get across, surely it wouldn't be that hard, he could lead a grand charge at any attacker, earn a promotion, perhaps even be granted permission to have cubs himself. "We carry on follow me " he said strolling forward "and keep your heads down."

"That's quite the fire" the hyena said, his ears perked the view of the pridelands having changed and not looking for the better, Enzi trotted beside his friend. "wait" the hyena said his ears twitching "there's fighting ahead, am scouting ahead" The hyena looked towards Walinzi for approval.

"Go ahead, and be careful" The black manned lion said as he halted the group and sat in front of them "We don't know whats going on at pride rock Enzi, is having a scout ahead, so hopefully it's just a brief wild fire" he looked towards the dead zebra "help yourself to some food all of your earned it" a roar was heard across the pride lands and it did not sound like that of Scars, the hyenas that began to surround the group only served as a confirmation, something bad had happened. Walinzi spoke up "Allies, we are allies of scar we bring food there is no need to attack I am Walinzi Scars security, back off now or we will have to defend ourselves."

The leader of the Hyena group surrounding the hunting group laughed at this "S..Scar, my friend he is dead now, which means the pact is dead, you and all of your group are now enemies of us hyenas there are no treaties now." The hyena posed his group for attack once he saw the now free lionesses beginning to surround the other side of the hunting group. "Back off hyenas this is the pridelands once again" the lioness paced around the perimeter of the group "All lions are free to surrender to Simba, Hyenas must return back to there clan, all others must leave the pridelands"

Walinzi breathed in deeply this was not good "Hunting group defend from all sides no surrender....for now"
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