Unknown Killer

Unknown Killer

Postby serra20 » January 23rd, 2009, 12:05 pm

Well,this is my first Balto fan fic so far.It's about killer,who everyday kills more and more people and dogs in Nome,and about Shiza,brave Siberian Husky female who decides to go find out who the killer is.
Sorry if I use bad grammar,I'm not from English,USA or somewhere else...

So,let's start:

Shiza is purebred black and white female husky,born in Nenana,later traveled to live in Nome with her owners.All her life she was lead sled dog.And she still are,but not as much often.

Shiza layed down on her favourite sofa in her home.She slowly closed her eyes,hearing her owners walking around and talking with eachother.She was about to sleep when her owner,boy named Tod,sat on the sofa next to her and started to stroke her fur.She loved that feeling.And,she loved that boy more than anyone from the family.She started to lick his cheeks and head,and Tod laughed.He loved Shiza...

One man from Nome just walked though the street.It was nice,sunny day.Man turned his head away but suddenly someone pinned him to the ground and attacked his neck.He didn't felt or saw who it was.He wanted to shout,but felt that he cannot...He died...

All the town started to talk about that terrible death.And,at the same day died two more people.All Nome was scared.Shiza's owners cannot just talk about it.All of them were scared.Tod was not let to go anywhere without his parents.That was making him crazy,but Shiza understood the situation and agreed with owners.She was scared too...

Now people noticed that they're dogs are gone.They were searching them at whole town,but always found just their bodies.They were killed too.Now all alive dogs and humans in the town started to search for that terrible killer,but no one found...

Shiza always wanted to be hero.Maybe just once in time,but wanted.She have heard the story about Balto,the Nome hero.Now he was died and his family is gone too.But Shiza would do everything to meet them...Everything...

She heard that all the humans and dogs in the town are going to search for killer.But her owners didn't go with all others.They were too much scared.But Shiza didn't wanted to be lazy house dog in this situation.And,she finally decided...

It was night.Shiza's owners and Tod were sleeping.Shiza stood up and jumped out of the sofa.She easily opened the door and walked away.But didn't forgot to close the door.She closed the door and traveled to the forest.

It was dark and stormy night.It was raining.Shiza hated rains so she decided to go to find an empty cave in the forest.She went deeper in the forest.Suddenly she saw a big cave in front of her.She padded into it.It was dark so she didn't saw anything into it and thought that it's empty.She was very tired so she closed her blue eyes and started to sleep.

Morning.Shiza opened her eyes cause she heard a strange sound.She stood up and turned around.Beautiful black male wolf stood in front of her,snarrling.She almost started to cry but then looked into him again.He stopped to snarl.He walked up to her but she was scared.He looked into her eyes and asked:

-Who are you,stranger?

His voice looked angry.Shiza slowly stood up and shyly answered:

-I'm Shiza,husky from Nome.If this is your cave,i can move to another place.

Wolf smiled.Shiza was beautiful,and he layed down in front of her.

-Don't afraid.I'm Chego.Nice to meet you Shiza.If you don't have home you can stay here.I have to go.If you want you can stay in the cave.There's a meat for you to eat.

Shiza was surprised.She thought that wolf will kill her,but he's very kind.She lowered her eyes and said:

-Sure,of course.Nice to meet you.I'll stay but i have to go too later.If that's okay.

-Sure it's okay.So,i have to go.See you on the evening!-he smiled.

-See you.-she said and walked up to meat.She was hungry,and meat was taste.She walked out of the cave and went to the river to drink.Later she back to the cave and started to sleep...When she woke up she remembered that she have to go look for a killer.So,she traveled...

Tod woke up.He walked up to living room.He went in it every morning to play with Shiza.He went to the room but didn't saw her.He searched her into every spot in the house and finally went to the yard.Shiza wasn't there too.Tod started to cry.He was scared.He ran to the house and saw his parents.He said that Shiza is gone.They both ran into the yard and started to call Shiza.She didn't come.Tod's parents just thought that she's killed too,but Tod didn't believed it.He decided to keep waiting...Maybe she will back...

Shiza walked though the forest.She was thinking about Chego.He was beautiful wolf.She smiled and lowered her eyes.She liked him.She saw him walking too,but didn't wanted to disturb him.She saw that she'll not find anything today,so she just back to the cave.She layed down.She was thinking about Tod,but she didn't want to go back until she'll find that horrible killer,that beast.Suddenly she felt very bad.She lose power.And finally control...

Chego came back to the cave.He saw almost died Shiza,laying on the ground.He ran to her and nuzzled her.

-Shiza?Shiza!Do you hear me?Answer me,please!

Finally Shiza opened her eyes.She saw Chego near her and smiled.Then asked:

-What's happen?

-I don't know.I found you laying on the ground.You lost your power.Let me help you.

Shiza slowly stood up.She was very weak,and she needed to drink.She slowly went to the river and drank water.Chego followed her...

Few weeks went away.Shiza and Chego became best friends.They were so close to eachother.But Chego felt not only a friendly feeling for her.It was something more...Something he never felt before...

Now,how about Shiza?She felt only friendly feeling for Chego apart that he was very beautiful male wolf.She enjoyed the evening's or batches with him...He was her best friend...

About Shiza's family?They,and even Tod lost all hope to find Shiza.They all thought that she was killed by that killer.Killer was not found still...

Morning.Shiza opened her eyes.She didn't find Chego in the cave but she knew where he was.He was gone all the morning's.She slowly stood up and walked out of the cave.She decided to go visit Nome.She wasn't been there about a month ago.She walked to town and saw Chego.She hided under the bush to not make Chego notice her.But she was shocked of what she saw.She saw that Chego was attacking and killing a human.Then,in her mind came a horrible think:

-He's that horrible killer?

She was shocked and sad of what she saw.She ran back to the cave as much as she can,layed down and started to cry.She couldn't believe that him,that beautiful,friendly wolf is a killer!No,it's too terrible...

Chego came back from his terrible hunt.He walked into the cave and saw Shiza crying.He layed down next to her:

-Shiza,what's wrong?Someone hurt you?

Shiza looked at him with sadness and angryness.She only could said:

-So,you're that terrible killer we all scared?You're that killer who kills our town people and dogs?Answer me!

Chego lowered his eyes.He understood that Shiza find out about his horrible jobs.He looked at her.

-Yes...I am.And what?

Shiza stood up and snarled at him.

-I hate you!-and ran away to Nome.

Chego was shocked of what just happened.He slowly closed his eyes and tears were riding down his cheeks.He understood that he lose her.She was his love,but now...He just couldn't take it...

Shiza ran and ran...When she finally come to her home.Tod was in the yard.She ran to him and licked his cheeks.Tod was shocked and surprised.He took her to the home and shouted:

-Shiza's back!She's alive!

Tod parents quickly ran to living room.They stroked her fur.Shiza was very happy.She almost forgot what just happened.She promised herself to never go to the forest,to meet him...That horrible killer...That beautiful wolf...

How could he?

Chego stopped crying and thought a minute.He slowly stood up and ran into Nome.He started to walk around it,when he saw Shiza,standing in her yard.He ran to her.

-Shiza!Shiza,wait!I'm sorry!

Shiza saw him and wanted to run home.She just said:

-I hate you!

Chego couldn't take it.He shouted:

-Please,don't leave me!I love you!

Shiza stopped running.She looked forward,to him.

-What...What did you said?!

Chego lowered his ears and eyes.

-I love you.I love you more than anything in this world.I thought that I'll never fell in love because i am a killer,like you have said.I'm sorry...

Shiza couldn't believe her ears.He...he loves her...She suddenly felt very happy...She smiled and ran to him.

-Oh Chego...I love you too...

Few months later.Chego and Shiza haved pups and lived a happy life together.You're interested what happen to Shiza's family?They let Chego to join a family!It sounds strange,but they do...

But,if only they would know who he is...

He was Balto's brother!A killer!

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Re: Unknown Killer

Postby whitewolf17 » January 24th, 2009, 10:46 pm

Nice job Serra! :D

It was a good one-shot and I loved the ending. Is there gonna be another? The way it ended left an opening for a good sequel.
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Re: Unknown Killer

Postby serra20 » January 25th, 2009, 6:23 pm

I think I will but now I need to finish my Balto 5 fanfic.
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