Artistic Odyssey...

Artistic Odyssey...

Postby Dark Huntress » July 15th, 2013, 6:33 pm

On a sudden whim, I have decided to create an entire new world! I also have decided that I require artistic assistance. Backgrounds/vegetation, architecture, creatures, etc. [all listed below] are all needed and welcomed, as long as they follow certain guidelines:

When designing living quarters, streets, etc., remember that all these creatures live in trees (or whatever sort of vegetation-I guess it's a tree) large enough to house three or four large cities and many of the creatures have never touched the ground for everything they need is up there. So I encourage giant, thick leaves and lots of wood, strange creatures and flowers for lighting, etc.

I haven't put much thought into materials for armor, but use thick animal skins (hey! invent an animal to use!) maybe, shells of sorts, whatever you believe fitting.

Creatures (Land):
A good thing to do here is blend various creatures from our world's attributes into one animal (hogs' bristles, leopards' coat, whatever). Also use bright colors or dull ones, depending on the sex and role in the ecosystem. [Also, it doesn't have to make sense...]

Creatures (Sea):
See 'Creatures (Land)'.

Plant Life:
I'm thinking that the plant life should be a little more 'alive' than in our world, also much more varying in size and aggression. Make sure to use different colors-leaves don't have to be green!

You may use the basic knives, machetes, spears, and bows of this world, but please add twists to them. I would also think it very awesome if you created completely new weapons!

I'm also open to PMs with suggestions as to the complexities of the culture.

All art will be credited to the original artist, but it's mainly needed for me to get an idea for descriptions when I start writing (and I will, whether or not I finish...). I also encourage you to put signatures in corners, that way I can't forget-I would HATE to use someone's art without proper credit!

I have created a few creatures already (which I will describe and edit artwork of in), so please design NEW and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT creatures and give written descriptions of their roles in the ecosystem, whether they travel in families, packs, or alone, etc. If you don't name or color them, note the colors you want or if you want some time to come up with a name, or if I can just name them and design some colors. So here's the written descriptions of my creatures:

Riuttazhi [REE-ah-TAH-zee]:

Spoiler: show
The Riuttazhi [singular: Riuttazha] are the human equivalents in this world's ecosystem. They are intelligent and highly curious. In many ways, they are almost more savage and primitive, but their natural height, strength, and agility make up for the intellectual loss.

As mentioned before, the Riuttazhi are very agile, quick, and strong. They have increased muscle tone compared to that of a human's and more endurance. In appearance they are tall [the males' height is [usually] eight to nine feet and females is six and a half or seven].

They have very short, soft fur covering their bodies which ranges in color from pale peach or tan to midnight blue-grey to jet black. Their hair is always long [the Riuttazhi worship and treasure hair and only criminals have short or no hair] and kept neat. It is usually coal black and very smooth and shiny, though in some cases it varies in color.

Their features are usually rather human, though their eyes are usually larger, more slanted, and cattier, lips more full, and faces thinner with higher cheekbones and jawline. Their ears are long with rounded points, and they have tails with tufts.

Yiyuuii [Yee-YOO-yee]:

Spoiler: show
Yiyuuii [singular: Yiyuua] are a strange mix of bird and reptile. They are often very unintelligent and are easily captured. Once tamed, however, they make excellent mounts and are quite fast. They are about twelve, thirteen feet tall and have thin necks and large bodies.

Yiyuuii have long, slender cobalt or bloodred scales and large blood orange and crimson beaks which form a spike on their foreheads. They also have a violet or golden feathered crest which they can raise and a very long, fan-able tri-colored tail [usually emerald, violet, and turquoise or orange, red, and gold]. Their teeth both underbite and overbite on the edges of their beak, like a crocodile, and their flickable tongue is blue. They have large, eagle-like wings colored the same as their tail. They also have flexible foretoes which are armed each with a long claw [like a raptor] and rather thick, muscular legs. They also have two holes on each side of their chest which they use to breath.

Shhira [SHUH-heer-uh]:

Spoiler: show
Shhira [both plural and singular are the same] are very agile, four legged creatures. They are roughly about five feet tall at the shoulder and have long legs. Their chests are semi-deep and taper to a very thin stomach, their build rather akin to a greyhound's. Their ears are long and each have a feeling antennae attached to the end to assist with night-vision. They have tails roughly two-thirds the size of their bodies, which taper into arrowhead shaped barbs [which are firable, like a stingray's].

Their fur ranges from pale tan and gray to burnt sienna and golden tan to chocolate brown and black. The males always have a thicker build and five to six stripes horizontal across the ridge of their backs, usually in a brighter or darker color. The males also have a large frill, which can be folded up till needed, used to for frightening attackers away as he defends his pack. Shhira are often used as hunting creatures.

If anyone wants to RP this when we get an idea-I'm totally up for it. Just say if you are and I'll edit you into the list. Also, design characters and have them ready for a planning topic, up to as many players as want to do it. If you have questions about designing your characters, PM me.

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