Angel's Wings

Angel's Wings

Postby DreamEater » April 5th, 2013, 6:05 am

Angel's Wings is back, baby! Yep, there was an old topic of this one and another one of my stories but it died out a little while back so just decided to make another one all of AW.

In the spoiler tab below holds what would be the first episode of the series, a lot to read and the grammer's not the best because I made it a while back in a bit of a rush; edits might be made. I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions about it and if you'd like me to continue. If you want me to or not, I will for my own sake anyways. X3 Lol, here you have it:

Spoiler: show
In the first episode of Angel’s Wings, Kaylah, the main character, was transferred by her father to an orphanage where she was soon adopted by a young man named Lann, he raised her like to be an unordinary girl. As she was growing up her hair began to grow and grow as well, though at an unusual fast speed, if she cut it would all be grown back by the next morning. Starting to become frustrated with her own hair, Kaylah questioned Lann about it and he said it was nothing, though he actually knew that she was something more than just a girl. It was said that a female angel was supposed to be born whenever in time with extremely long hair; this angel was supposedly called the “Angel of Fire”. This angel is meant to watch over the earth and protect it from evil demons from the Fallen World and destroy said demons, protecting any kind of person, innocent or guilty. The angel’s hair was the source of her power, because of her hair she became strong and if she were to cut it she would be as helpless as your average person. Lann knew this, but did not want to frighten such a young girl of her destiny at her age.

One night Kaylah walked out to see her brother being taken away by a shining bright light coming down from the sky, he said to her, “once you spread your wings come and find me” and then disappeared into the sky of clouds. After Lann taught Kaylah that the stars in the night sky were angels watching over people and making sure they’re safe at night, Kaylah began to believe that it was the angels who took her brother away from her.

Enraged with the angels, Kaylah sets off on a journey to find Lann, as she is soon accompanied by a mysterious talking marble-like object she found inside of a library, she picks up the small orb and sees that there are small sparks of fire jumping around on the inside, the small orb begins to talk to her about who he is and what she must do with him, though Kaylah is hardly listening to him because she is mesmerized by the sparks flying around inside of him. Suddenly a bear like demon bursts through the window and attacks Kaylah, she grabs the little orb, jumps over the table he was on and the bear-demon breaks it in half, Kaylah actually starts running on the ceiling for a little while, then jumping down, hopping out of the window, she lands well and kicks down a street light, breaking it in half, she grabs one side of the pole as the bear-demon breaks through the wall of the library and swings the pole, which was suddenly on fire, at the bear-demon’s face, it roars and then explodes. Kaylah stands there after a strange victory against the being she had no idea what it is.

Though just then Kaylah drops the pole and pain, yelling out that it was too hot for her to hold because it was still on fire, as well as when she drops the small orb, though she appears to care more for the orb than her own burning hands, she walks over to him and asks if he’s alright, when he answers ‘yes’ Kaylah smiles, then asking him who he is again, as he answers he is the Orb of Fire, which is the weapon of what is called the Angel of Fire, as well as her hair is, the Angel of Fire’s source of power is her hair and the Orb of Fire lets her take random objects, set them on fire and use them against demons to fulfill her duties, kind of shock by news to know that she is actually an angel herself, since she was earlier angry with the angels for taking Lann away from her, and she still is angry with them, she almost finds it obvious that something so stupid would happen to her on her adventure, Kaylah heads back into the library and picks up a small chain she seen laying about and attaches the small orb, now called the Orb of Fire, on to it, then hooking the chain around her neck, she turned him into a necklace, as he questions why she had done that instead of putting him in her pocket or just carrying him around, she answers that, as a necklace, she can see his beautiful sparks of fire dancing around inside of him every time she looks downwards, they take a pause for a moment, but then Makaylah says that she was going to name her necklace ‘Albert’ because he shines so brightly, he says to her that you are not allowed to name the Orb of Fire, but she answers to him saying she doesn’t care and continues to call him by Albert, what he is now addressed by, he does agree that Albert the Orb of Fire does have a nice ring to it. Kaylah laughs as she then runs off into the distance, continuing the search for her older brother, Lann.

There it was. It was far too huge for one post so I just put it in a spoiler tab. I hope you liked what I have of it and would like me to continue on making the story. Good feedback is always the best! Though if you don't like it, you probably shouldn't be here, huh?

Like I said, I hope you like it and artwork of Kaylah, Albert, Lann and the bear-demon should be soon to come on my art topic. Until then!

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Re: Angel's Wings

Postby Dark Huntress » April 6th, 2013, 3:10 am

I like it ^^ another awesome fire name is "Aiden" btw, imma name freak.
It sounds like a really awesome interesting story! U gotta send me chapters as they come along :)
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