TLK 3 Glass Kingdom

TLK 3 Glass Kingdom

Postby MeerkatOnTheMoon » January 18th, 2021, 6:31 am

Presenting my TLK 3 story at last :D Below are the synopsis and the attached promo image. I will keep adding scenes as I go along. The character profiles will be posted some time next week. I am also going to update on my page. Lol. Enjoy, all!


Now that the Pridelanders and Outlanders have united, Simba can finally reign in peace with new additions to his pride. Unbeknownst to them all, Zira makes it out alive and gathers various animals by force to form a large army that she trains in her new hiding spot to destroy the Pride Lands. Following a sudden ambush on her Birthday night, Kiara gets kidnapped by a superb starling with a crooked personality named Taki and his partner in crime Pole the hippo to be delivered to Zira, but she later finds herself stranded at a hidden kingdom of timeless winter, where she befriends rogue lion queen Cheshi who's about her age. In search of Kiara, Kovu unexpectedly crosses paths with Alkali, a wanderer who later turns out to be his biological father. Alkali reveals his dark past and why he got away from Zira. As Nala begins having visions in her dreams, Simba lets Timon and Pumbaa go on a mission to gather new allies in different territories, and their meeting with a group of freedom fighters led by female meerkat Seravi and her friends lilac-breasted roller Nandi, warthog Odera, panther Gorro and Elon the golden wolf may lead to something more than increased connections. Meanwhile, Zazu keeps watch of any approaching danger with the help of a female hornbill named Binti, and Vitani is entrusted to welcome all the newcomers from the other lands to prepare them for the final battle with Zira. Can Zira be defeated at last? Could Cheshi be the key to winning the upcoming fight against Zira's troops and can Kiara convince her to use a newly discovered magic within her kingdom? Will Simba be able to secure freedom for everyone or will the Pridelands turn into a glass kingdom that can easily break apart?
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TLK 3 Glass Kingdom Promo
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