A Lion Guard Special Story

A Lion Guard Special Story

Postby zerodix » April 17th, 2020, 7:11 pm

Lion Guard Defend!
The Guard runs out of their lair, ready for a day full of rescues and saviour. Makini the mandrill will brief them today, so they will know where they are needed.
Hello Makini
Hello Kion, Lion Guard.
Are you ready for today?
Yeah! What we gonna do!
Makini slithers. There is one important job you are needed for. It is helping with the zebras.
Helping with the zebras? What kind of help do they need? Fuli wanna know.
Well they are migrating for better grazing grounds.
Hyenas may lurk. You all have to escort them safely.
We will! Besthe screams. Make way for the guard!
I will keep an eye out from above, Ono couches.
Fuli jumps up and down. I am ready, so ready!!
Bunga farts. I stink like green clouds!
Then they run off. Makini is confused. She hopes all will turn out for the better, but she cannot control this situation. She did what she had to do: inform the Guard about their task of today.
Makini wanders off and screams. Her duty is over, time to relax.
Meanwhile, the Guard reaches the grazing grounds. A lot of the grass has been eaten by the zebra herd, it is mushy, gross and turned brown on several places.
Fuli takes a run and jumps over a puddle of mud.
Easy for me! Ono shouts. He just flies over and lands safely.
Twende Kiboko! Besthe screams while he jiggers with pumped muscle into the green wilderness.
I can fart... Bunga stutters.
Silence! Kion growls.
This..what you are doing, is a chaos. We need a plan.
Maybe.. Fuli interrupts. No! Silence! Kion shouts.
I am the leader. Do as I tell you.
No Fuli says. You can lead us, but not like this.
A nope from me, Ono flies off cursing bad words. Angry bird he is.
Beshte shivers. Not seizure time, just dissapointed. He waddles off.
Bunga farts. Sorry mate, I'm out.

Kion is left alone. He realizes that he didnt do a smart thing.
I need my fellow guard members, without them... I am just a lone solo lion cub.. Think, Kion! he whispers to himself.
Suddenly Kion gets an idea.

Come back my friends! he shouts .
What is it? Beshte asks.
Why? Fuli and Ono ask.
Bunga farts and screams.

Sit down please , I am about to tell you an important thing.
What? ono asks.
You guys, I was bossy. I am sorry for that.
Ok, they answer. Be more humble.
For ever! Till the Pridelands end!

Then they gather, make an organised plan and help the zebra herd move to the other grazing field. No hyenas were seen and in the end, all zebras are safe and happy in their new habitat.
Thurston the zebra leader thanks the guard.
Thank you, you are amazing!
You are welcome, the Guard answers at the same time.
After helping us, do you have nothing else to do? Thurston ask. No now we are free. Our afternoon is off Kion tells.

They run off laughtering and screaming. Ono is happy and the rest is happy too, the end.
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