Zira and Scar scary adventure

Zira and Scar scary adventure

Postby zerodix » April 15th, 2020, 12:33 am

When Zira and Scar were cubs, they went on an adventure. It was exciting and a scary adventure. They were on their own.
They sneek out of the Pridelands all by themselves.

Are we there yet asks Zira
No we go to the Outlands, come on! Scar calls.
Zira follows Scar. His name is still Taka.
Because he doesnt have his scar yet.
He is just a cub. So I call him Taka ok.

Zira and Taka arrive at the Outlands.
Who live there? The hyenas. They see them.
Oh no run Zira! But Zira is not afraid.
Come Taka I protect you. Zira says.
Taka hides behind Zira to take cover from the upcomimg danger in the form of a vicious hyena clan.
Zira counts them.
Taka there are too many of them!
Zira runs off in panic and crumbles.
Taka is still fine, he is strong enough to cover for Zira.

You almost broke a leg, stay safe! Taka saves Zira.
Zira fluctuates towards a steep rock and is thrown upon its top.
She is safe and Taka fights off the hyenas.
Zira is impressed, what a power and fearlessness!
Taka growls. Run you, hyenas!
The hyenas run off.
You saved me Taka, thanks for that.
Taka pants. Pant pant... Lets go home
Ok Taka it is late.
They sneak back into Pridelands and go vast asleep.
Zira roars. Goodnight! Taka says ok and sleeps.
What an adventure.
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Re: Zira and Scar scary adventure

Postby MeerkatOnTheMoon » July 23rd, 2020, 3:31 pm

Very enjoyable. I can imagine little Zira and Scar in this story :D
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