Kion cheers up the Pridelands! a TLG spinoff story

Kion cheers up the Pridelands! a TLG spinoff story

Postby zerodix » March 30th, 2020, 10:18 pm

[b]Kion helps the animals in the Pridelands cheer up when they face a heavy dry season. A nice bedtime story for the younger audience.[/b]

Kion, bedtime! Simba calls his son.
I am not tired yet.. can I play a little longer?
No son, but.. If you go to your den, I tell you a nice bedtime story!
Kion jumps in enthusiasm. Tell me!
He follows his dad to his den.

This story was told to me by my mother, your grandmother Sarabi. It is about leadership and motivation.
Kion is excited and starts screaming.
Silence, cub! Now sit and listen, Simba furiously growls.
Kion silenced, he is curious about what his father has to share.
Listen and learn, Kion.
Simba sits down next to his son. He starts telling.

Sarabi, your grandmother, told me that it is important to cheer the animals in the kingdom up when they are sad or lonely. They are only productive and healthy when they feel happy.
Simba continues.
Sarabi told me to sing and dance, Kion.
Kion looks his father straight in the eye.
Sing and dance?
Yes, Kion, sing and dance. And boogie.
Why, father?
Because it makes the Pridelanders happy. That is the mostbimportant thing a member of our Royal family can do.

Kion agrees. Before Simba can finish his monologue, Kion falls asleep all of a sudden.
Simba laughs. His son is asleep, finally.
Sarabi never told him this story.
But it always helps Simba to lure Kion into going to sleep.

But the next day, Kion woke up early. He sneaked out of the lair and did what his father Simba jokingly told him to do, to cheer up the Pridelanders. He took it literally.
But then Kion ran into a zebra that cried out loud.
I am so sad! the zebra cried.
Why? Kion asked.
The terrible dry season, the grass turned yellow and the drinking place ran dry. Our herd is thirsty!
Kion has an idea.
He starts to sing and dance. This cheered up the zebra, inspiring him to find a solution for the problem.

I know a waterfall nearby, it is blocked by rocks! Our herd will male way and then we have new water! Thanks Kion for inspiringly cheering me up!

So happened and the Pridelands had a new little river flowing eith fresh water. The grass got greener and no more thirsty or sad animals in the Pridelands.

Simba saw all it happening from Pride Rock.
He laughed. His made up story motivated Kion into motivating the zebra.
What a day to be alive!
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