Kiara and Kions Great Adventure Day

Kiara and Kions Great Adventure Day

Postby zerodix » March 28th, 2020, 11:54 pm

[b]Kiara and Kion are teenagers and Simba is giving them a day off to have fun in the Pridelands, free of their respective royal duties. The LionGuard is taken care of by Nala and Timon and Pumbaa are visiting the Pride Rock.[/b]

Kiara and Kion are excited. Today is the big day. When Timon and Pumbaa arrive, Kion and Kiara can leave Pride Rock for a day of fun. A day without the painful burden of beeing a public figure in their kingdom. Just beeing free and careless teenage lion cubs, what a joy! Kion dances and Kiara sings, only the foreshadow of this little holiday of 1 day is turning them into cheerful fluffy tornadoes.

Act your age, Kiara! Simba scolds.
Ok dad. Kiara answers
You are too old to be careless. You need to be alert for danger. Hyenas may lurk. You watch over your little brother.

Hey I am not little! Kion protests.
Come on! Kion sees Timon and Pumbaa and greets them.
This is the signal. Kiara and Kion run off.
Where shall we go to? Kion asks his sister.
Kiara thinks. The watering hole!
Ok, lets go there. Kion answers.
They climb down from the bottom of the Pride Rock, and descend onto the green grass of the wide spread savannah. The tall grass provides them with camouflage and a hiding spot in case of an unfortunate encounter with any hyenas or other large predators.

Suddenly, Kiara and Kovu reach a border of small grass and water. They plough to a bit of mud before they reach the most crowded place in the Pridelands, the Watering Hole.

Animals gather to bathe and drink, in serenity. Kiara and Kion take a little dive and decide to walk further.
Then, all of a sudden, Kiara has a seizure.
Kion is shocked.
Kiara, are you ok?
Kiara doesnt response.
After a few minutes of silently waiting, Kion asks this again.
Kiara wakes up. What happened?
I dont know, it looked like some seizure or something, Kion answers.
i am tired and I dont feel well, Kiara says.
Maybe we should go back to Pride rock.
When they return back to their home, Kiara feels all better.
I think I was just homesick! she laughs.
Kion is relieved, his big sister is just fine.
Nala and Simba hug their teenage cubs goodnight.
What a time to be alive!
The end.
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