Simba on the moon

Simba on the moon

Postby zerodix » March 4th, 2020, 6:39 pm

One day Simba wants to quit beeing king. He orders Nala to fix a rocket. Nala says ok and fixes a rocket.
Can I come with you? Kiara asks. No Kiara Simba says. Only Kion and Nala can come. You can have the Pridelands.
Kiara says ok and takes the Pridelands.
The rocket arrives and Simba and Kion go in. Nala stays outside.
Aren t u coming? Simba asks.
No, I am tired now so I stay here with Kiara in the Pridelands.
Ok Simba says and the rocket goes to the moon with Simba and Kion in it.
Then they land on the moon.
This is fun, Simba says.
Yes, it is, Kion says.
They jump and run. They bounce because of the less gravity on the moon.
They play hide and seek which is not difficult on the moon due to the lack of trees.
After that they are tired and out of oxygen because there isn't any on the moon.
That was fun let's go back now Simba says.
I wanna stay Kion replies.
Simba says ok I will get an oxygen tank.
Adter that Kion and Simba negotiate about the amount of time they wish to spend on the moon.
The emotions run high ans there is struggle and screaming.
Ok one week and then back to earth ok. Simba screams.
ok dad, Kion answers silently. and they stay 1 week.
What a time to be alive
the end.
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