Scar‘s Reign: The Madness of King Scar

Scar‘s Reign: The Madness of King Scar

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As I mentioned in the introduction board, I wrote the scene The Madness of King Scar for my fanfiction called: Scar‘s Reign. (It‘s chapter 6 from the story, so there might be things in that confuse you)


[All rights belong to Disney]

Scar‘s mind is chaos, unpredictable and the drama-'queen'(king) has a huge personality which I wanted to be fully shown in The Madness of King Scar. This chapter is a mix of the one particular scene from the film with Scar, Zazu and the hyenas in his cave + the deleted scene and the equally titled scene from the musical. Added: My own imagination.

Italic: Character thoughts
Bold: Character sings (not as much as I got planned for a later chapter)
Small warning: Scar‘s words aren‘t all even (women) friendly..

The scene starts with one of his nightmares.
Here it comes:
MadnessofKingScar.jpg (54.75 KiB) Viewed 6293 times

Nala.. If I continue staring in those eyes too long, one day I'll lose myself in them. It's just the two of us now, lying next to each other. Then yes, we're in a water-less water hole, but I'm the last one to complain about that. Nothing can take her away from me now. My future is save.

"What are you hiding?"

Hiding? How does she.. What is she seeing, when she's looking into my eyes?

"Goodbye." Nala's voice sounds far away. She's fading and suddenly there's water underneath us, creating distance between the two of us.

"Don't go! Don't leave me!" I call out as she's floating away from me more and more. "I don't want to be alone!" My voice is shivering. Taka..

Nala, driven far away from me. The water, gone with her as well. No drop left, like it wasn't even there in the first place. There's nothing around me anymore. Emptiness is all there is left. Black endless emptiness.

"Didn't I tell you, son?"

Father.. No, not again!

"You can't hide. You can't create a future when there is none."

"Stop it, father!" Please, make it go away!

"You can't ignore the past!"

I can, if I only was capable of erasing you and Mufasa from my own and everyone's mind! He's not there, he's not real..

"Pain is never gone, scars may fade but they shall never disappear.."

What? "How dare you speak of scars to me?"

"No, don't answer. He's not here! Oh.." It had almost become a daily routine, Scar waking up from an imaginary conversation in which his father tried confronting him with the hard reality. Scar chucked his scarred eye. He had always blamed his father about what, who and where he is today. That day you marked me..* Whether it were just illusions or perhaps his father's ghost what haunted him, it intruded him in his sleep and lured the joyful dreams away from him. Scar yawned. "Mark my words too, the day I will overcome you is within my sight," he mumbled before walking outside.
[*Note: A few years ago there were different theories about how Scar got his scar, for this story I thought him having it from his father fits the best]


"I'm the king! But why am I not satisfied?" Did I think that out loud? Scar sunk too deep in his thoughts and had reached the point of not knowing whether he spoke aloud or in his mind. Terrific, he assumed he thought.. Scar sighed himself down at his rock.

"Sire, what's with the long face?" Zazu, the bird Scar kept behind bars dragged him out of his thoughts.

"Zazu? Why am I not... loved?" Scar decided to directly cut to the chase. The lionesses, why don't they like me? With my black manes, I must be irresistible! And I'm a king! What more could they possibly want?

"Well, why do you think you are not loved?" The hornbill spoke, to Scar's annoyance, with a wise tone.

According to Scar the bird sounded just like his father, or like Mufasa. He didn't wanted to be reminded of them over and over again. They had everything when they were kings while at Scar's reign everything got black, literally.. Scar figured he wasn't in the mood after all so he made a gesture towards Zazu, signing the bird to leave him and his mind alone.

I'm perfectly fine! I'm better than Mufasa was.

"I'm revered."
"I am reviled."

"I'm idolized."
"I am despised"

"I'm keeping calm."
"I'm going wild!"

"I tell myself I'm fine."
"Yes I am, no you're not."
"No you're not, yes I am, no you're not."
"Yes I am."
"No you're not!"
"Yes, no, yes, no! Who am I talking to...?"

Scar realized he actually was talking to a wildebeest skull now. He threw the thing away. "I don't know what I'm doing.."

"Oh, pull yourself together, Sire! Or you'll get another one of your splitting headaches!" Zazu said in an attempt of preventing having a headache himself.

"Too late! Perhaps you should sing something for me again!" Scar responded.

"What would you like to hear today, Sire?" And while Scar was probably taking a deep dive in his mind looking for that one song that was able in getting him to laugh, Zazu took a deep breath. "Oh, I never had to do this with Mufasa."

In a blink of an eye Scar roughly got up. "What did you say? You know the law! Do not ever speak up that name to me!" He almost pressed his mouth between the bars of Zazu's cage.

Quickly Zazu backed away. At this point he was able to feel the lion's breath, smell and almost was able to taste it! He shivered. Therefore Scar knew he made his point.

Scar often wondered if he still had it in him. The lionesses, the hyenas, Zazu, how serious did they still take this king's orders? He knew they laughed behind his back. Where did the eerie lion go that murdered.. Mufasa.. He sighed and decided the bird and he still had a little, perhaps superfluous conversation to finish.

"Zazu, for this one time.. What did my brother have that I don't have?" Scar said with lots of aversion. A bit dramatically he let his paw slid over his forehead. Hearing these words coming from his own mouth was hard.

"Do you want the short list or the long?" The hornbill gave Scar a response the lion surely didn't liked to hear as well.

"Whatever Zazu." Scar pulled a face.

"Well, he had respect of your species. And he had adoring subjects... a loving family... a devoted queen..."

Where Scar had expected to receive a boring preach of what a bad personality he had, the bird just cited the physical things he missed out on in his life. What a great turn of events! And he didn't even have to bring the subject up himself. A queen, a family.. No, now he could just let the bird think he planted this thing in his mind Scar knew he needed all along! And that was exactly what he was planning to do!

"That's it! I need a queen! Zazu, I have to admit, you are a genius!" Scar grimed.

"Oh, no.. This one I can still take, but two of those unbearable.. Heavens!" Zazu regretted his own words.

"Don't make me regret calling you a genius, Zazu." Scar immediately knew who Zazu was referring to. "Why should I make the same mistake twice, when I've got a bunch of prettier lionesses to choose from?" Scar frowned and then he continued his play. "A queen! Without a queen, what am I? A dead end, no line, no descendants, no future. With a queen, I'll have cubs... A suitable heir! Immortality will be mine!"

"So, what are you going to do? Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo, or will you just pick the first one that enters this cave?" Zazu spoke with a bit of sarcasm in his tone.

Obviously Scar already had the answer, but time to share it with the bird, he had not.

"Hey, boss! Talkin' to the silly bird again?" Banzai called out to the lion, when he, Shenzi and Ed hopped in.

Ah, my friends! Well, 'friends'.. Since when is calling a friend 'boss' a common thing? Every now and then, Scar wouldn't mind getting rid of them. He narrowed his eyes at the three of them. Shenzi, the female leader, who according to him, at least owned a little brain. In Scar's opinion Banzai was nothing more than a cubbish piece of junk and the last one, Ed, who besides laughing and nodding lacked any manner of communication, he thought was completely beyond redemption. He rolled his eyes as he surveyed everyone around him. "I'm surrounded by idiots again.."

When Shenzi immediately responded, there was no need for Scar to hesitate whether that was just a thought or not. "Well, thank you! What's wrong with you lately? You are not the only one who's forced to skip breakfast!" she commented without hiding that she felt slightly offended. "Was he like this all day, Zazu?"

"Oh, he just needs a mate!" Even Zazu surprised himself by speaking this sentence. Well for this particular moment, it did gain him a little popularity among the hyenas. Leastwise that surely counted for the two male hyenas, who both had fallen into a giant laughter caused by Zazu's comment.

"Stop that! You fools!" Scar tried using his voice to overshadow their laughter, which he rated as highly annoying.

"Someone please get Zi..-" Banzai coughed when Shenzi instantly elbowed him.

"Cut it out, will ya? Too soon.." Shenzi whispered to her companion.

"You creatures know nothing about love!" Scar stated.

Suddenly Banzai and Shenzi looked at each other, grinning. "That's not true," Shenzi giggled.

"What, you two?" Scar disliked the confirming look on their faces and then Banzai nodded. Scar realized that he should have known the two of them would end up with each other sooner or later. Therewith he frowned when looking in Ed's direction. It was something about the look on Ed's face that looked suspicious according to the lion. "No, he can't have a mate!"

"Ed? He's actually freakin' popular among the ladies!" Banzai said. Perhaps it was quite obvious that if hyenas friended with lions, they became highly popular within their own species. Unfortunately for Scar, vice versa it rather had the opposite effect.

"Can't you not even have a little sympathy for me?" Scar acted like his pride got touched. "Don't mistake the colour of this small beating thing here inside of me with the colour of my manes," he gushed, almost in a singing tone. Dramatically, Scar held his paw on his chest, right at the place of his heart.

"Here we go again.." Shenzi mumbled, not amused.

"Tell me I'm adored! Please, tell me I'm adored!" Scar sung.

Banzai was close to bursting into laughter again. "A door?"

Scar took a deep breath. He stated to be burdened with the wrong public. Scar covered his eyes in the hope of when he lowered his paw again, all these 'odd surrounding objects' were gone. His current view isn't quite the one that he visualized and thought he signed himself up for all those years ago.

Once again deep inside of Scar's crowded mind, his many inner voices started to reflect himself, his ruling period and all included: The lionesses, whom most don't fear showing what they really thought of him. The hyenas, who apparently instead of following his orders rather liked to reproduce themselves. I may hope they at least succeeded in killing the little hairball! Quickly Scar uncovered his eyes, escaped a sigh of relief when he noticed no change in Zazu's behaviour. Had Scar said that particular thought out loud, the hornbill probably was dramatically freaking out by now. Fortunately for the lion, that wasn't the case.

In a glimpse Scar narrowed his focus on the three hyenas in front of him again. Ed, now rolling on the floor laughing, made noises Scar couldn't even recognize. It resulted in the hyena getting on his nerves even more now. Filled with rage Scar lashed out his claw and gave the hyena a hard blow in the face. For a moment there when he witnessed Ed's slow attempt of getting up again, it even surprised himself. I've still got it!

"Pal, aren't you a little overreacting?" Shenzi loudly reacted while making sure Ed was beyond Scar‘s reach.

"Please Sire, set me free!" Zazu sounded, begging.

Scar reminded himself of the fact that the hyenas nowadays never visited him just for fun. As much as they liked to laugh about his failures, or any other reasons they had for it, they always needed something from the lion. Of course, the same sort of thing was to be said about Scar. "What is it you want this time?!" Scar spoke loud and irritated.

"We've got a bone to pick with you," Banzai jokingly said.

"I'll handle this.." Shenzi turned to Banzai. Immediately, to Scar's disgust, she took over her mate's wheel. Shenzi took a step forward. "There's no food, no water.."

Like always, Scar wasn't in the mood for their complaints. "Oh... eat Zazu," he teasingly said while he had his paw pointed at the hornbill.

"Oh, you wouldn't want me! I'd be so tough and gamy!" Zazu shockingly responded.

"Zazu, don't be ridiculous. All you need is a little garlic," Scar joked.

"Seriously Scar, that rotten spout won't solve any problems!" Shenzi threw Zazu a look of aversion.

Scar was close to losing his temper, again. "It's all your fault! You've been over-hunting too much!" he responded. "Work it out with Nala!"

"See, there lies the problem. Nala just isn't the right lioness for the job," Shenzi carefully lead the conversation to the next level.

"You don't have the authority to judge a decision I made. Are you questioning my way of leading?" Scar replied with a calm, but lightly threatening tone.

"And I thought we had bad under Mufasa.." Banzai sighed.

Immediately Scar jumped in front of the hyena. "What did you say!?" he growled.

"I said..-"

Quickly Shenzi elbowed him again. Preventing Banzai from repeating names from Scar's forbidden name list seemed to be her full-time job nowadays.

"I said, uh... Que pasa?" Banzai eventually answered the black maned lion.

Scar heard enough and turned his back on the hyenas. "Good, and now get out.."

Staring to the cave's wall, Scar frowned. They're still behind me, aren't they?

"But we still have no food!" Banzai confirmed Scar's thought.

"I said get out!" Scar roared. Luckily this time, the hyenas had taken the hint. With a grin, Scar peeked backwards and saw a last glimpse of them running out.

"Zazu, where were we before those three beggars came in?" The hyenas had spoiled his mood. Scar figured continuing his little game with Zazu could restore it a bit.

"Will you let me answer that without bursting out on me again?" Zazu answered.

"Well then, Zazu.. Tell me I'm adored. Please tell me I'm adored!"

Zazu sighed. "Is this really necessary?"

"Fine! You are no fun anyway!" Slightly disappointed, Scar plopped himself back on the rock. So much for today's fun!


With a little hesitating and without Scar noticing her, Nala had entered his cave. "Scar?" she spoke with a voice that was barely hearable.

Scar, still feeling irritated lacked facing to see whoever decided to bother him this time. "Am I running a guest house you can keep wandering in all day or what?!" he shouted.

"Oh Nala, you couldn't have picked a moment more worse for coming here!" Zazu said when he noticed the young lioness.

Nala? How could I possibly mistaken Nala for a hyena?-, Scar thought to himself. Slightly surprised and without hesitating, he turned around.

"I knew this was a bad idea!" Nala softly said to herself. Hesitatingly, she overthought her chances of retreating.

"Ah, Nala... No actually, your timing couldn't have been more perfect. Please, accept my apologies. It's just that I'm not really familiar with your voice yet." Those freakin' hyenas! One day I'll kill them all! I haven't even started this and yet I got it screwed already! I've got to do something!

"Be my guest, Nala. Grab yourself a gazelle.. Shoot!" Scar heaved a disappointing sigh. "I'm out of them!"

"That's why I came to speak to , you've got to do something. We're being forced to over-hunt. The hyenas..-"

Bla bla bla.. "My dear, let me spare you wasting your pretty voice on that matter. Let me guess? Even though I made you the lead huntress, the grey faces aren't exactly listening to you right?" Scar started. He spared telling her that they came in complaining about her earlier today.

"Indeed, they are..-"

"Well, then we'll make them obey you! I've just got the perfect solution!" Scar showed a rather odd smile.

Nala couldn't believe her ears. He's actually going to do something about it?-, Nala thought to herself in her mind. "You do?" Nala responded, slightly surprised. However her inner voice whispered her not to unleash her excitement just yet.

Ever since that Scar had made Nala the lead huntress, he hoped that it eventually led her to his cave. Within himself, Scar already had plotted how he was going to succeed in sailing the ship off to another course. "Yes, but there's.." Like a predator sneaks up on his prey, Scar started to walk around her. "Nala.. my, how've you grown!" Quickly he cleared his throat. "There's one little title upgrade required for you to receive from me before we can make this plan work. And there's more to it! I'm brightening up both yours and little Mheetu's future!"Seductively he let his tail slide below Nala's chin.

Nala blinked. "And what's that title?" All though that with mentioning her younger brother, Scar had awakened Nala's curiosity, still she wasn't naive. She knew that somewhere in this story there was a catch. Because involving this particular lion, there always was a catch!

Suddenly Scar's energy-meter filled itself to the max. "I shall tell you, but first let me deliberate it with myself a bit," he spoke rather mysterious while he still moved himself around her.

Once again, and this time highly dramatically, Scar cleared his throat. Then he continued his, perhaps if seen from anyone else's perspective, weird presentation in singing. "She's got those assets feminine.."

Nala, not being amused by Scar's vocal talents, interrupted him. "Please Scar, I'm being serious here!"

"So am I, Nala. So am I!" I have to make her mine! She has to be my queen!

"Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected.. to take certain duties on board.." Hey, that sounds familiar. Next project: renewing my old song!

"Nobility in every gene. A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer!" He straightened his back, tightened his muscles and for a moment, indeed was tiptoeing near her.

"I'm not following you!" Riddle after riddle, why can't he just be straight to the point?-, Nala wondered.

"My cylinders are firing with fervor. And you, my sweet thing, fit.. the part.." With pressing his head against Nala’s neck, Scar softly pushed the lioness a bit.

"Oh Sire, you are not supposed to say those kind of things out loud!" Zazu, the bird Scar already had forgotten about, snarled.

Did I? Scar used his paw to cover up his mouth.

"What are you talking about?" Nala asked. If Scar wouldn't cut the ridiculous act soon, Nala's inner bucked of how much she was able to take, soon had reached its final drop.

Don't tell me I've got to spell it out for her!-, Scar said in his mind while in that same mind he looked for that one right, catchy one-liner that was meant to do the thing.

"Come on, sweet Nala, be my queen." One, two or three lines. Oh, what does it matter?

"Excuse me?" In her mind Nala had played out quite some scenario's about what she was going to walk into and out of all of them, she had expected this one the least.

"It's written all over in the stars." Scar raised his head.

Scar clearly was in for more than one single bite. He approached Nala again, gaining on his goal of guiding her closer to the walls.

"We'll create a host of little Scars!" Scar showed her a greedy grin.

"You are acting highly inappropriate!" Nala hissed.

Panicking, Zazu covered up his eyes. "Couldn't you have taken a class about making advances first? Oh, even for me this is too embarrassing to watch!"

"Argh! Why won't you just button your beak?!" Scar aggressively yelled towards the hornbill. You can't convince me my brother never got tempted to eat that chatterbox!

Scar continued to back Nala into a corner, until he had her where he wanted her. Then he put down his front paws up near her head to pin her between him and the walls entirely.

"Ooh... Nala, you delicious little..- Just become my mate! I can sense that you..- ARGH!"

Nala had lashed her claw out to the greedy lion in front of her and it had hit him hard, hard enough for Scar to lose his balance. He tottered a little backwards.

"You may be the king, but you've got no right to treat me this way!" Nala was furious and just realized something. She remembered how Scar slid his tail over her back that day he made her the lead huntress. His intentions had nothing to do with the fact that he believed she was the one to make the difference. In fact, he had no concerns for the Pride Lands at all! He only did it for himself.

Scar rubbed his cheek and then he chuckled. Just to himself he admitted that he deserved the slap Nala gave him. "Ooh, Nala... You know even though I loathe violence, there's just something about your inner rage that attracts me even more. One way or another, you will be mine."

Nothing seemed to steam Scar off, but Nala had stormed out of the cave already. Fled from his greedy, uncensored mind in where he was planning to add her in.

From the inside, Scar's blood was still flowing through his veins like flashes of energy. And so it did outside. A heavy, dark thunderstorm was overshadowing the already sad looking Pride Lands. Scar's enthusiasm only grew bigger when a lightning stroke had caught his attention. Perfect! He stormed outside and stopped when he stood on top of the Pride Rock. He looked up, let the rain soak him. His long black gleaming manes, flattened by the rain and sticking to his skin. Scar felt no fear for the lightning at all. From afar he saw a few of the lionesses, including Nala. Of course a lot of hyenas were present too. He saw fear in some of the eyes of his subjects. Scar grimed, he imagined how frightened the sight of him must look with the lightning and the terrifying sounds of the thunder right behind him. There he felt what he desired. Power!

All eyes were still pointing at him. This moment required a speech, as Scar himself stated. Somehow Scar never lacked in finding his words, not that they always helped him. Anyhow, if there was one thing Scar kept in his mind it was to always be prepared!

"Listen! I just named Nala as my queen!" His words echoed down to his 'audience' and within moments the gossip also begun. "Silence! This is my reign! My rules!" Scar wondered why the sounds of the hyenas annoying laughter suddenly had filled his head. But when he looked down sideways and saw their sources, he rolled his eyes. The grey faces were assuming he let them take part of this moment that was meant to be his? "No, quiet! I gave you minions no permission to..-" He gave them a palm face. "Just stop!" As if the creatures weren't embarrassing enough for him already! Where was I?

"Ah, Nala.. You belong to me! You ALL belong to me!" Satisfied he looked from the lionesses up to the sky, like beyond the thunderclouds there was someone who he wanted to be heard by. "Immortality will be mine! Just mine!" And finally, according to Scar, he was the one with the last and only laughter. The king is back!


It was fun to write this, fun to step into his chaotic mind ;).
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Re: Scar‘s Reign: The Madness of King Scar

Postby Loki_adores_Scar » September 30th, 2019, 1:41 pm

(Received a review on The Madness of King Scar yesterday, someone said because of one particular line they spit out their cereal :lol:, I loved to read that lol. Also the chapter below is more for fun :).

Two chapters later:

Chapter name: Scar‘s Be Prepared '2.0'

In The Madness Of King Scar, Scar accidentally threw in a line of Be Prepared. There it was, the idea of ‘renewing’ his old song plopped inside the mind of this crazy but quite talented lion. And when he‘s got something inside of that chaotic mind of his… try getting it out! If they want it or not, he‘s giving the hyenas (and Zazu) an exclusive performance of so as he sees it, his improved version of Be Prepared..

I once saw a disco edit video of the Scar/Zazu cave scene, I had that in mind when I wrote this chapter.


(Screenshots: thanks to PrideLands. Funny how odd Scar often looks during Be Prepared if you look at it second by second..)


Scar yawned when he spotted the two lead hyenas and Ed standing in front of him. "Really, now?" He showed them his lack of interest.

"You summoned us," Shenzi confusedly reminded him when she realized they had just awakened the lazy lion.

Scar stretched out. "The day is still long. I hadn't expected you to skip today's early hunt for it," he responded.

"No need to worry about that. We left a worthy replacement in charge!" Banzai accidentally dropped the reference to Zira.

"Where do you need us for?" Shenzi quickly asked before Scar was able to dug deeper into Banzai's comment.

"Wait! Before you answer her, let me guess it!" Banzai started. He did no effort in hiding his enthusiasm. "You want us to set up the ceremony for Nala's exile!"

Scar frowned. "No, why would I want to do that?"

"Well, we heard about your.." Deliberately, Shenzi coughed. For her own sake, she swallowed back in some words she could better not use right now. "..proposal, which she couldn't be prepared for.. Obviously she refused, so your next logic step I guess is..-"

"It indeed was a stunning proposal! Ironic that you mentioned 'Be Prepared', listen.." Scar grimed. His morning temper had disappeared in the fog. "And if you had waited until a later part of the day.." He threw in a tone of annoyance. "..and had let me sleep late! I would have had huge news to..-"

"She accepted?" With lots of energy, Banzai interrupted the lion. "So you want us to find the silly baboon so that he can announce the new royal couple to the folks?" he enthusiastically spoke. The idea made him sneer. Also Ed giggled.

"Have you got dung in your ears?" Scar loudly responded. One day the sharp-tongued hyena ended up causing him having a stroke. Scar sighed deep. "Haven't you heard me make the announcement yesterday? I don't need a stupid baboon to do it for me!" Scar had always despised the traditions his ancestors had prescribed to the Pride Lands.

"Nala is not going to decline me.."

"You are quite confident, don't you?" Banzai looked from Scar to Shenzi, who frowned.

Scar grimed. "Precisely!" With a huge attitude he jumped off his rock. Then he cleared his throat.

"I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside." Scar sneaked up on Ed, who he saw gnawing his own leg. "But thick as you are, pay attention." He slapped the hyena and continued his steps. "My words are a matter of pride."

"Oh, are we going to sing 'Be Prepared' again? Great!" Banzai sounded hopeful when Scar stood in front of him, showing his evil grin. "Who do you want us to ki..-" Quickly Shenzi gave the male hyena a punch in the face. Then carefully when he gave her a -where did you do that for look-, she signed with her head to Zazu's direction.

"It's clear from her vacant expressions." Proudly, Scar continued his song. "The lights are all on, aiming for me." He sneered, amusingly.

"It's different.." Shenzi commented.

"Yes, as king I've fought phantoms to gain successions." Scar blocked Shenzi's path. "Finally, the winner is me." With lots of confident he rose and placed his paw on his chest, praising himself. "So prepare for a chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for my sensational news." A bit gushy, he stroke his long mane out of the way. "A shining new era. I'm tiptoeing near her!"

Shenzi rolled her eyes as Scar showed off and actually tiptoed around the place. "Again, I wonder. Where do we feature?"

"Sorry, I left that part out.." Scar padded her back.

"I know it sounds selfish, but you must understand my needs. Have you not seen any of my clues?" Scar frowned when he noticed Ed sitting on his rock. He jumped on and kicked the hyena off. "All lions, deliciously paired.. Be prepared!"

"Right.. I don't think I like this version of 'Be Prepared', you?" Banzai frowned.

"Indeed, it kinda lost its glamour.." Shenzi shook her head.

"Of course, I'll need you to obey your new queen.."

"Psst, do you think he noticed his background choir is missing?" Banzai whispered to Shenzi.

"I can tell you I won't be staying listening to this nonsense too long either!" Shenzi responded irritated. In her eye corner she saw Scar parading around.

"Because I will get that beauty on board.." Scar was gleaming and showed a mischievous looking smile. "In ictu oculi*, she's expecting.."

"Got it now, Casanova.." Shenzi pulled a face of disgust.

"The future is littered with.. litters." Scar clearly improvised. "And though soon I've got a few new main addressees.." He took a running leap. "The point that I must emphasize is.." He jumped right in between the three hyenas. "You won't escape my claws if you betray me!" He spit in Ed's face, as he was the last one to flee from beneath him.

"So prepare for the couple of the century. Be prepared for the cutest cub.." He jumped around, hurling himself from space to space.

"I've heard enough! Come, let's get out of here!" Shenzi finally said. She beckoned the males and beyond the black maned lion's notice, quickly the three hyenas ran out, fleeing from Scar's wildly gone mad disco.

Outside with raging heart rhythms, the hyenas were gasping for air. "It's official, I'm allergic to lions in love!" Banzai heavily started scratching himself all over his body.

"Yak!" Shenzi pulled a face. "That much testosterone, it smells!"

"Oh, sorry.."

"Not you! Him!" Shenzi pointed a paw towards the cave. They still heard Scar's performance going on loud and clear. "And in love is an understatement. He's obsessed with her! The way he's singing about her.. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for the brat," Shenzi continued and shook her head. "He's beyond redemption.." she stated.

Banzai giggled when Ed cross-eyed and his tongue far out, pulled a face. "Exactly, Ed!" Both the hyenas laughed hard.

"I think it's time to get our orders," Shenzi said in between the two laughing males. She arched an eyebrow.

Banzai coughed. "What? You really want to go back in there?" He regained his grip.

"No, you idiot! Zira's orders," Shenzi grinned and gave her mate a wink.

Banzai let escape a sigh. "Aha, can't we first find us something to snack? I'm getting tired of cleaning up the lions mess!" he complained.

"All right then, but in presence of Scar, could you try watching your mouth? In case you slip something we don't want him to hear," Shenzi told him while they continued their way, away from Scar's cave.

"Meticulous planning. Tenacity spanning. Decades of denial. Is simply why she.." Scar raised his voice. "Will be mine!" He showed a grimas. "Respected, saluted. And she'll see the wonder I am.." Again, he praised and idolized himself by holding his paw near his chest.

"You're quite the entertainer, I wonder where you still need me for. You should move to another mainland, perhaps you'll be discovered.." Zazu commented as he watched Scar's performance. Since Scar loudly had made himself very well present, even if he tried, the bird couldn't ignore the king's mad show. Zazu had no better thing to do anyway.

"Be Prepared!" Scar gave it one last gill.

Standing on his rock, Scar was leaning forwards. Then he wanted to jump off, mis-stepped and lost his balance. He tripped and with rolling, he fell off the rock.

"You might want to save that for the bloopers.." Zazu tried keeping in his laughter.

"I need a bigger cave.." Slightly feeling embarrassed, Scar explained his blunder but he still had room for letting one last tiny smirk appear on his face.
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Re: Scar‘s Reign: The Madness of King Scar

Postby MeerkatOnTheMoon » October 21st, 2019, 3:34 pm

This felt like a script for a musical about Scar. Epic dialogues! Having seen the Broadway version, everything really fits. I especially enjoyed the interactions among the hyenas. You gave each of them more personality. Banzai: "Oh are we going to sing Be Prepared again? Great" I can imagine his facial expression during that part. :lol:

Lol at Zazu: "You might want to save that for the bloopers". Rowan Atkinson would've nailed that line.
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Re: Scar‘s Reign: The Madness of King Scar

Postby Loki_adores_Scar » November 2nd, 2019, 12:00 am

This felt like a script for a musical about Scar. Epic dialogues! Having seen the Broadway version, everything really fits. I especially enjoyed the interactions among the hyenas. You gave each of them more personality. Banzai: "Oh are we going to sing Be Prepared again? Great" I can imagine his facial expression during that part. :lol:

Lol at Zazu: "You might want to save that for the bloopers". Rowan Atkinson would've nailed that line.


Thank you!! I did some small adjustments in the Madness of King Scar, minor changes. Yeah the hyenas are fun to write too, especially Banzai haha. Like him hearing "a door" when Scar sings: "Tell me I'm adored".

Every time when I write about Scar I imagine the lines in Jeremy Irons‘s voice. The broadway version has more dialogues between Zazu & Scar, I liked that and improvised on that like the "What are you going to do, Eeny Miny Mo or will you just pick the first lioness that enters.." <-- the sarcasm of Zazu. Or Zazu panicking: like "Oh Sire, you are not supposed to say those kind of things out loud!" & "Couldn't you have taken a class about making advances first? Oh, even for me this is too embarrassing to watch!"

Jeremy & Rowan they are such good actors and epic together!

Sorry for the late respond, but I only saw your respond today.
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